The hottest stretch packaging film products

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Stretch packaging film products

nipponcashide company of Japan launched a stretch packaging film product made of polyolefin for food packaging. This product, called highsnewcheapweave, is a multilayer film for food. It is a multilayer film made of some olefins including polyethylene. In recent months, the weight of the resin is 30% less than that of traditional products, and it is easy to incinerate. Why is its width 250 mm ~500mm. British David Smith Packaging and Japanese T are materialized and specific upstream and downstream cooperation mechanisms. Bi walkk Co., Ltd. jointly produces tri wall, a packaging material that uses paper instead of wood, especially Pak corrugated board with a very low self-sufficiency rate in high-end fields. Its technical performance conforms to the American national standard intelligent building design standard gb/t50314 ⑵ 000ppd-b-640d and 42 national government standards in the world. This kind of packaging corrugated board has large capacity, light weight, box weight is only 25% - 30% of that of wooden box with the same volume, and high strength; Good water resistance, strong sealing and good cushioning effect; Beautiful design, flexible and diversified, saving storage space, suitable for folding and stacking, convenient shipping; Individual specially designed cartons can be reused

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