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Beijing has built a printing and packaging materials Street

recently, Beijing has built a printing and packaging materials wholesale Street, and all the projects have been basically completed. At the invitation of general manager Ma Yuanyuan, dozens of printing and packaging enterprises in Xiong County visited this professional Street in the southern suburbs of Beijing

the wholesale Street is located in Hongxing collective farm outside the South Fifth Ring Road of the central axis of Beijing. Chairman Mao Zedong once came here to inspect. Now, tens of thousands of mu of Red Star collective farm are in sight of a bumper harvest. Today, Fujian and local entrepreneurs have built a 1300 meter long printing and packaging materials wholesale Street on both sides of the central axis, covering an area of 120000 square meters, which can accommodate 800 stores

Beijing printing and packaging materials wholesale Street has superior environment and convenient transportation. It is located in the middle of Beijing Tianjin Tangshan expressway, Beijing Kaifeng expressway, Beijing Shenyang Expressway and national highway 104. There is no time limit for vehicles to enter and leave Beijing. At the same time, relying on the traffic network of Beijing Jintang, Beijing Kaifeng, Beijing Shenyang, Beijing Shijiazhuang and other highways, it is extremely convenient to connect the surrounding national roads, provincial roads and other highways in all directions. The architectural structure of the street is designed as a two-story shop with Beijing style cultural characteristics 1300 meters along the street. At the same time, 20 independent courtyards can be provided as the headquarters base of large and medium-sized enterprises. CFRP is a kind of difficult to process material. The minimum area of a single shop is 70 square meters, and the maximum area can reach 1000 square meters, and can be arbitrarily divided according to the needs of the settled enterprises

Beijing printing and packaging materials wholesale Street is facing the central axis of the Forbidden City, 13 kilometers away from Tiananmen Square; It is 12 kilometers away from Yuquanying Huandao. Phase I covers an area of 120000 square meters and a construction area of 80000 square meters. The wholesale Street has a beautiful surrounding environment and complete supporting facilities, providing a good business activity platform for the printing and packaging industry. The developer's idea is that all the work centers of the wholesale market are around the settled enterprises, and a wide range of radiation platforms will be established for the settled enterprises at the 2017 Chinaplas exhibition in Beijing, North China and East China, which are suitable for the construction field in the north and even the northwest. Provide all-round services of gbt4340.1 (1) 999 metallic Vickers hardness test Part 1 experimental methods for settled enterprises to expand market share

on September 9, 2007, under the organization and leadership of China Packaging News in Xiongxian County, the heads of 17 companies, including Xiongxian Taida company, Xuri packaging company, and ratchet wrench, which are ratchet wrenches used to rotate bolts or nuts placed in narrow or inaccessible positions, Qiming company and Chengshi plastic industry, visited this Beijing printing and packaging materials Street, and preliminarily reached an intention on the current construction situation and internal and external structural functional facilities, Take this place as the collective window for Xiongxian county to stay in Beijing, and develop the leading industry of plastic packaging and printing in Xiongxian county at home and abroad

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