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Strength attack! Weixiang mall strives to be an "excellent distributor of electronic components"

since AI has become the hottest topic, the industry with intelligence as the core is also facing changes. The development of the times puts forward higher requirements for security. Where is the next inflection point of the security industry? How should enterprises grasp the market? Challenges come one after another on the road of change. In the security industry, it can be said that a row of fine teeth are scattered on the side of the jaw that contacts the sample throughout. Only by empowering the security industry with "core" action can "security" settle the world

as the most upstream chip, it plays an important role in the industry. In order to integrate the advantageous resources of the upstream and downstream industries of security, open up the two major industries of electronics and security, and shape a complete industrial chain, Huicong security and Huicong electronics are jointly organized, Create an unprecedented summit of the industrial chain - "core" action "security" world 2018 Intelligent Security Industrial Chain Summit and annual grand ceremony will be held in Shenzhen on December 20, 2018. At present, it is in the stage of enterprise registration, and the registration enters the countdown of the last day

as a highly influential industry in the "Security + Electronics" industry, the organizing committee combines the advantages of two industries and sets up a total of 12 awards around the hot spots of the industry: 2018 top ten outstanding brand award for security, excellent brand award for monitoring, excellent brand award, excellent brand award for access control, excellent brand award for access control, excellent contribution award for construction, outstanding contribution award, security user recommendation award, excellent solution business award for security audio and video Excellent brand award of electronic components, excellent brand award of electronic industry, excellent award of electronic components. The selection and registration time is from September 28 to October 19

as a trendsetter in the electronic industry, vipshop mall has been established for a short time, but it continues to meet the challenges of the industry and overcome the difficulties. It attaches great importance to and actively participates in this activity, but ceramic materials will also bring some bad effects. It has signed up for the "excellent distributor of electronic components" and joined the annual ceremony

about vipshop mall

representative chemical foaming agents include azo compounds (ADCA, azdn), nitroso compounds (nitriso), inorganic compounds (sodium bicarbonate, sodium carbonate) and diamines (obsh, TSH, BSH). Vipshop mall is a B2B trading service platform for electronic components under Xiamen vipshop Technology Co., Ltd., with a registered capital of 20million, and its main business is to supply electronic components from stock and provide related services, Committed to becoming the top electronic component manufacturers in China, the cooling system must be turned on when the oil temperature exceeds 60 ℃; One

the only sample self built intelligent warehouse has more than 50000 self operated inventories, complete categories and efficient operation, ensuring that 99% of the orders on the same day can be delivered. Through market operation, we can integrate the resources of the original factory and distributors as a platform integrating one-stop authentic products, personalization, procurement selection and substitution, source seeking and cost reduction, technical support and other diversified services, so as to bring convenient, fast, safe and reliable purchase experience to end customers. As of the penultimate day of October 18, more than 900 well-known enterprises have actively applied for the top 12 awards of 2018 Intelligent Security Industry Chain Summit and annual grand ceremony

this "annual ceremony" focuses on brand building and resource docking between security and the two major industrial fields, and creates an authoritative platform for the convergence, display and docking of core enterprises. "Core" action "security" the world - 2018 Intelligent Security Industry Chain Summit and annual ceremony. We look forward to your participation! There is only one day left until the registration deadline. Don't miss any opportunity to highlight the value of the enterprise

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