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Leading by strength, Yike fuel explosion 2020 Industry Expo

on September 15, the 22nd China International Industrial Expo, the annual top manufacturing event, kicked off in Shanghai. Yiche (Tianjin) Electronics Co., Ltd. and Tianjin Jinuo Technology Co., Ltd. jointly display many breakthrough solutions and innovative products to shine at this Industrial Expo

the joint booth has frequent highlights, full of dry goods and continuous brilliance. Let's take a look at how we attract attention with heavy solutions and high-quality automation products ~

iothub suite, a lightweight industrial interconnection product, enables edge cloud collaboration

Yiche began to research and layout the integration of OT and it as early as 2010. After years of product upgrading and technology precipitation, iothub suite, a lightweight industrial interconnection product, was launched at this year's Industrial Expo. With one set of products, a large number of devices can be connected to the network for data transmission, so as to realize cloud computing, remote operation and maintenance, collaborative scheduling and other industrial interconnection applications

iothub suite, a lightweight industrial interconnection product located at position C of the exhibition wall, has become the highlight of the entire booth and has won the favor and praise of many customers. The exhibition site is constantly crowded and lively

promote a number of new automation products, vigorously develop and lead the market

at the exhibition, Yike explained its technological innovation path for many years with many new high-tech automation products. For a long time, Yiche has been promoting product innovation iterations, and is committed to providing customers with more valuable and reliable innovative automation products and solutions

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Yike presented a number of newly created high-quality products to the audience, such as OS20, osm40, osm70 high-performance photoelectric sensors, biss-c absolute value multi turn encoder, IO link master station module and hub, Elco edge-a7 series smart switches, etc. The super-high performance of many new products surprised the audience

join forces to create a visual feast of science and technology

Tianjin Jinuo Technology Co., Ltd. this time showed its latest IO link system solutions, IO link lighting and indicators, ASI bus module, CANopen bus module, wireless Bluetooth communication module, IP67 switching power supply, IP20 industrial switch, AGV intelligent indicator, new anti-seismic and non-return i/o connector and other new products

Gino's products are in excellent strategic and operational fit with the business sector of Yiche. The combination of the two sides presents a high-tech visual feast in the field of industrial automation for the audience

focus on the scene, hot

Yike's cutting-edge technology and products with low input signal frequency have attracted many well-known media that use high-pressure hydraulic source as the power source circle for industrial control hydraulic universal testing machines. Through video live broadcast, audiences who cannot go to the site of the Industrial Expo can also understand Yike's latest achievements in the field of intelligent manufacturing

as the leader of intelligent manufacturing, Yiche will continue to pursue technology leadership, pay attention to reliable quality, and help China's manufacturing industry achieve new breakthroughs from manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing. We are waiting for you to explore more highlights in 5.1h-a166

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