The hottest street was thrown two barrels of paint

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The street was polluted by throwing two barrels of paint at high altitude in the middle of the night

the street was polluted by throwing two barrels of paint at high altitude in the middle of the night

October 16, 2014

[China paint information] after 3 p.m. on the 14th, Master Wu and Ms. Li, the sanitation workers, were still carrying small shovels and cleaning agents, laboriously wiping the paint at the flower table next to Huangjueping street, Jiulongpo, "I was busy for more than a day, and I finished cleaning a little." In the early morning of the 13th, two barrels of paint were thrown from the air, and the paint was sprinkled everywhere around. Four cars became painted faces, and a pedestrian was almost hit

people condemned the littering of paint

a car owner surnamed long said, "at first, we thought it was the car parked on the roadside that blocked someone's way, but later, the car owners who came one after another found that the perpetrators did not come for the car. From the area polluted by yellow paint, there were at least more than 100 square meters!"

was splashed downstairs in Huangjue impression community, No. 230-1, Huangjueping Main Street, focusing on the research of additives for thermoplastic elastomer materials and products; The research on energy conservation, environmental protection and circular economy is led by Anhui Jianghuai cable group. In addition to the edge of the flower table, the yellow paint also includes the wall on the side of the Huangjueping Street office. The fire room signs and flagpoles of the huangzheng Street neighborhood committee are splashed with yellow paint. Dozens of square meters of paint on the ground is temporarily covered by river sand

Ms. Li, the cleaner, said angrily that if the dirt was seriously blocked or damaged, "you see, it took us a busy day to shovel the flagpole and flower table, and we were too tired to straighten up. This person should be caught and told to clean all the paint."

even more angry was the night Return vendor who was almost injured by the paint bucket falling from the sky. He closed the stall after 3 o'clock in the middle of the night. Just after walking downstairs, a bucket of paint fell right in front of him, and the paint splashed all over him. What made him more angry was that the second bucket fell immediately, and he hurried to the Huangjueping police station dozens of meters away to report the case

preliminary investigation shows that these two barrels of paint were thrown down from the top floor, which is suspected of venting anger. Due to the threat to public security, insiders revealed that the criminal investigation department was also involved in the matter

the police investigated the roof owner "I don't know

on the same day, Mr. Huang, the person in charge of property management on the 9th floor and a member of the industry committee on the 10th floor, whose companies such as BMW, Audi and Diren had experimented with or applied this technology, and were also spilled with feces. Mr. Huang estimated that the same person threw two paint buckets and feces.

"Some time ago, residents reported that the roof was built disorderly, and we went to stop it. After reporting to the sub district office and safety supervision, the urban management department asked the owner of the roof to demolish it. It happened that these two days, how could such a coincidence happen?" Mr. Huang said that this man was immoral. For the benefit of most owners, the matter of disorderly construction will be pursued to the end until the relevant departments dismantle all illegal buildings and give peace to all other owners

it is understood that shortly after the incident, the police summoned the owner on the roof according to law, and the matter is still under further investigation. It is also understood that there are five units in Huangjue impression community. Except for one unit whose roof is not built in violation of regulations, the other four units have been built in violation of regulations. These illegal constructions not only bring potential safety hazards, but also easily cause water leakage and inconvenience to the neighbors downstairs

"at noon, the door is always locked." Neighbors reported that from noon on the 14th, the door of the owner's house on the roof that was illegally built was closed, and there was no one in the house

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