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Show your strength! Three units of XCMG won Xuzhou quality award

show your strength! Three units of XCMG won Xuzhou quality award

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recently, the quality of Xuzhou has increased by 72% over the same period last year In addition, the Bureau of technical supervision released the selection results of Xuzhou quality award units in 2018. After layer by layer screening through the procedures of enterprise application, qualification review, material review and on-site review, XCMG foundation, XCMG vehicle and XCMG environment won the title of "2018 Xuzhou Quality Award"

Xuzhou quality award mainly recognizes enterprises or organizations that have made outstanding achievements in the maturity of operation and management and have unique operation and management mode and core competitiveness

XCMG foundation upgrades its quality management level by means of informatization

XCMG is the first enterprise in China to produce rotary drilling rigs, with more than 20 years of production and manufacturing experience, among which XCMG rotary drilling rigs and horizontal directional drilling rigs rank first in China for seven consecutive years. XCMG foundation will unswervingly promote the supply side structural reform, Yucheng to build a 10 billion level new material industry cluster reform and transformation and upgrading, steadily promote excellent performance management, promote quality management to penetrate into key details, carry out quality management in an all-round way, use information-based means to upgrade the manufacturing system, deeply grasp the process quality control, and comprehensively improve the quality management level

XCMG rotary drilling rig

XCMG rotary drilling rig intelligent manufacturing line, which was put into use in 2018, is the first production line in the industry to highly integrate automation, digitization and intelligent technology, and has passed the acceptance of Jiangsu Province demonstration intelligent workshop. XCMG foundation has always adhered to the unremitting pursuit of making construction machinery products into handicrafts, committed to improving product quality and service quality, taking multiple measures to promote product quality upgrading, and spared no effort to provide customers with high-quality, high reliability "technology leading, indestructible" products

Jiangsu intelligent manufacturing demonstration workshop -- XCMG foundation piling machinery branch rotary drilling rig assembly line

XCMG built a "three four five" quality control mode with the vehicle

in 2018, in the context of the continuous and stable improvement of the national economy and the transformation and upgrading of domestic equipment manufacturing industry and enterprises, XCMG fully implemented the product concept of "leading technology, indestructible use, and making handicrafts" with the vehicle, Adhere to customer demand-oriented, take improving quality and efficiency as the core, build a "three four five" quality control mode, and consolidate the foundation of product quality. At the same time, we should strengthen the quality awareness of all staff, consolidate the quality cultural foundation, and resolutely fight the Chinese Name: wood based panel universal experimental machine to win the battle to improve the physical quality of products and the management level

the 50000 XCMG on-board cranes will be delivered offline and the shooting ceremony of the "quality" column

in the future, XCMG on-board cranes will always adhere to innovation driven, unswerving in building high-end, technologically advanced and indestructible product quality, from product technology innovation to management innovation. At present, the low-temperature impact experiment in domestic physical and chemical laboratories, from high-end quality to excellent quality, will always adhere to the unique Customer oriented development road

XCMG group of vehicles figure

XCMG environment focuses on breaking through the double improvement project of quality and management

it is understood that XCMG environment is the shortest established enterprise in this batch of recognized enterprises. In the three years since its establishment, especially in 2018, the company has proposed the working requirements of "building an environmental company into a model for quality improvement and management improvement within the group", comprehensively benchmarking the industry benchmark, identifying the gap, and focusing on the implementation of lean design, lean manufacturing and lean improvement, comprehensively reducing quality feedback and improving product reliability under the guidance of the product concept of "leading technology, indestructible use and making handicrafts"; Systematically diagnose and evaluate the current management situation of the company, find out the improvement direction and breakthrough point, strongly promote the implementation of excellent performance mode, and comprehensively improve the quality management level

XCMG group's environmental industry layout

XCMG environment will continue to carry out special actions to improve quality and management, fill in shortcomings, consolidate the development foundation, and accelerate the high-quality development of the company

XCMG environment group car map

through the selection and commendation activities, set a benchmark, drive the demonstration, create a social atmosphere of advocating quality, pursuing excellence and striving to catch up, encourage the majority of enterprises to improve quality competitiveness and brand awareness, constantly improve the quality level and core competitiveness, and make new and greater contributions to accelerating the construction of a "strong, rich, beautiful and high" new Xuzhou and promoting high-quality development

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