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Strengthening technical support to safeguard food exports the sixth HACCP Application and Certification Seminar was held

in order to better help food production enterprises improve product quality, help enterprises exporting aquatic products, meat, fruit and vegetable juice and cans to the United States to establish and implement HACCP systems that meet the requirements of U.S. regulations, and cooperate with the current national special rectification activities on product quality and food safety from the perspective of strengthening technical support, recently, The CNCA held the sixth HACCP Application and Certification Seminar in Changsha, and invited experts to focus on the difficulties faced by food enterprises exporting to the United States and how food production enterprises can control the quality of products from the source. 3. Encoder quality, which was warmly welcomed by the participating enterprises. According to experts, China is one of the countries that carried out HACCP certification earlier. Professional, solid and in place work has made Chinese aquatic enterprises' exports to the United States unimpeded. Because China's basic conditions are weak and its start is low, domestic experts who were certified by HACCP for foam particle machinery in the early stage have a lot of practical opportunities. They have found a precedent suitable for China's national conditions and the application of HACCP by small and medium-sized enterprises, which provides a good example for the Asia Pacific region and has also been recognized by American authorities as the best foreign government

since 2002, the national certification and Accreditation Administration has required the export of aquatic products, meat, fruit and vegetable juice and other six categories of clamping force to increase, and enterprises must implement HACCP management. China's existing 2683 export food hygiene registration enterprises have passed the verification of inspection and quarantine institutions, and the food has been successfully exported to overseas markets such as the United States, the European Union, Japan and so on. At the same time, China has also widely carried out ink "twffan=" done "> food safety management system and HACCP certification activities. Currently, 3471 food production and processing enterprises have obtained HACCP certification, which has effectively improved the safety management level of food enterprises. Ink" twffan= "done">

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