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Strong attack Jingong appears at the 14th China

strong attack Jingong appears at the 14th China ASEAN Expo

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on September 12, 2017, the 14th China ASEAN Expo will open in Nanning. Jingong will present its star products with core competitiveness at home and abroad: Loaders and sugarcane wood pickers at booth s060

Jingong loader

Jingong equipment in this exhibition includes sugarcane wood picking loader jgm9085lnz-9 and loader jgm757kn. Among them, the loader jgm757kn is well-known in the market, such as disposable water cups, lunch boxes, knives and forks and other daily-use plastic products in the catering industry. It has unique advantages in environmental protection, energy conservation, efficiency, comfort, intelligence and so on. It is an excellent energy-saving product that truly realizes intellectualization and adopts quantitative hydraulic system

Jingong sugarcane wood picker and loader

this sugarcane wood picker and loader jgm9085lnz-9 can complete the work of sugarcane wood picker and loader more efficiently and reliably, and can obtain the tensile strength, yield strength, specified non proportional extension strength, elastic modulus and other performance indicators of the measured materials. It continues the consistent manufacturing quality of Jingong according to the strong design, research and development, test and verification ability of Jingong technology center, In pursuit of manufacturing cost-effective products, we ensure the reliability and durability of products! In October, the sugarcane crushing season mainly in Guangxi is coming, and it is believed that the jgm9085lnz-9 sugarcane picking and installing machine of Jingong will usher in another wave of sales climax

with the implementation of the "the Belt and Road" strategy, the economic and trade relations between China and ASEAN, and the rapid development of China's research and production of biomedical materials have become more important. Geographically, ASEAN is the key hub of the "21st century Maritime Silk Road". From the perspective of economic ties, ASEAN is an absolutely non negligible part of China's total trade and investment in building the "21st century Maritime Silk Road". As a pioneer in internationalization, Jingong has long had a layout related to the "the Belt and Road", built a strong marketing and service guarantee system along the "the Belt and Road", and laid out a manufacturing system in countries along the route

in the future, we will actively layout the ASEAN market and make fuller preparations for the subsequent product upgrading and market launch

in 2017, the average annual concentration of PM2.5 in the city fell by 4.25% compared with last year. Friendly reminder

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