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Stretch wrapping helps protect product safety

Jack Daniel brewery, which uses fully automatic stretch packaging equipment, has always maintained efficient operation and protected each glass bottle of sour malt syrup brewing whisky through stacking

a unique square glass bottle with grooves on the neck. The black bottle label and neck label are printed with the unique brand pattern of Jack Daniel, showing the origin and tradition of the company. Jack protective devices should be firm and reliable. Daniel's bottling and packaging process has very strict standards to ensure that the products are properly protected. The key to the whole packaging process is the stretch packaging equipment provided by Orion packaging systems

Jack Daniel uses the secret recipe of wine making invented in 1866. First, the charcoal aging process, and then aging in American white oak barrels. These two processes give whisky a smoky flavor and amber color

in the early 1990s, Bill mace, Jack Daniel's product engineer, decided to automate the factory's stretch packaging equipment. "Our products must always maintain a beautiful appearance. With the increase of our overseas business, our products need to be transported by train or ship. The poor transportation environment will lead to the deterioration of the appearance of the products, and the automatic stretching and packaging equipment can ensure that each of our palletized products maintain the same appearance and quality and send them to the dealers."

at that time, the brewery purchased the first Orion ma-33 fully automatic stretching and packaging equipment, with a speed of 60 palletizing per hour. Mace said, "our customers' requirement for palletizing is to be strong, so that their products will not be damaged."

choose rotating equipment

when the factory hopes to add another packaging machine, several suppliers offer customized equipment, but mace still hopes to purchase standard equipment. "We hope to buy a rotary packaging machine, so that the products can be stably packed without loading onto the turntable. Orion is the only one of these suppliers that can meet our requirements."

mace continued, "not only that, Orion just installed two brand-new ma-33 in another factory not far from our factory. The project engineer of that factory told us that Orion packaging machine was the most successful one in their procurement plan. This increased our trust in Orion."

the maximum packaging speed of the new ma-33 ultra-high speed stretch packaging machine is 92 palletizing per hour. It can achieve such a fast speed, which mainly depends on the three speed structure and direct braking system that can master the quality requirements of customers at the first time

according to Paul Maxwell, the factory Marketing Manager, "we can now complete about 80 pallets of packaging per hour, two shifts a day, with 99% efficiency." The original equipment is only for standby now

at the same time, the new ma-33 is upgraded to use a film with a width of 30 `, instead of the past 20 `, and the device used to seal the film at the end of the film is also wider than before. The clamp position for clamping the film is raised, and the bottom of the film is on the conveyor belt, rather than the whole product. Shandong Sida high tech is a manufacturer specializing in the production of electronic tensile testing machines. In this way, workers can use forklifts to remove the whole product from the pallet. These pallets are no longer attached during transportation, so the cost is more economical

ma-33 also has Orion's revologic? Function, which can accurately calculate the amount of pre stretched film to reduce material waste. In addition, Orion's insta sense? The technology can stop the whole stretching and winding process immediately when it finds the rupture and dislocation of the stretching film. Once the fault is eliminated, the system will start from the point where it just stopped and enter the cycle again

winding process

the packaging machine receives products from seven packaging lines, which have different bottle capacity, weight and shape. Before reaching the stretch packaging equipment, the bottles are filled, capped, labeled, sealed, boxed and stacked

each stack enters the stretch packaging machine through the conveyor belt, and the electronic camera eye will be responsible for monitoring the stack ready to enter the stretch packaging area. Every time a stack enters the packaging area, the camera eye transmits the signal to the safety door, and the safety door will be closed immediately

then, stretch packaging began, Orion's insta tread? The film transfer system pre stretches the film to 217%. The company uses low-density polyethylene film, but the name of the supplier's n-tech Research Institute was not disclosed. Maxwell said that the factory uses 80 GA stretch film, and the stacking of the equipment is 2200lb, 54 ` ` wide

the manipulator rotates around the palletizing, and there are about rotations according to the palletizing load, and the film tail is automatically cut. After completing this series of actions, the safety door is opened and palletizing enters another conveyor belt. The whole equipment only needs one operator, who can be responsible for forklift and packaging machine at the same time

"stretch packaging machine helps us ensure the safety of our products." Mace said, "we know that Orion will help us, and they are worthy of our trust!"

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