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Shanghai Ziyang brought professional technology and training to Beijing

on July 7, 2008, the listing ceremony of the shots lithography offset joint simulation teaching center of Beijing Institute of industry and trade technicians was held in the multimedia hall on the West sixth floor of the light industry branch. At the same time, a seminar on offset printing technology standards (iso-12647) was also held. Zhang Liancheng, President of Beijing Institute of industry and trade technicians, an Xiaodong, vice president, Wang Jinkui and Wang Jianbai, deputy secretaries, Mo Chunjin, general manager of Shanghai Ziyang Image Technology Co., Ltd., Wu Zhongsen, director of North China, Peter Herman, chairman of sinapse printing simulator company in France, frits beirsw1 → W2, a world-renowned offset printing expert, lecturers in professional colleges, technical directors of printing enterprises The captain and the trainer participated in this activity together

photos lithography offset joint simulation teaching center listing ceremony

Beijing Institute of industry and trade technicians and Shanghai Ziyang have maintained close cooperation for many years. The printing professional experimental center built by the two sides has become an important teaching position of Beijing Institute of industry and trade technicians until it is successfully online. With the development of the printing industry in the direction of industrialization, the market demand for skilled talents is increasing day by day. In order to cultivate more excellent talents with both theory and practice, the Beijing Institute of industry and trade technicians, which has been at the forefront of similar colleges and universities, has issued a series of automobile industry development policies. This time, it cooperated with Shanghai Ziyang again and introduced 22 sets of shoes software at one time, becoming the largest user of shoes software in China at present

talking about the reason for this cooperation, president Zhang Liancheng said: Beijing Institute of industry and trade technicians, as a professional college providing skilled talents for the society, the technical reserves and teaching methods of the school must be constantly innovative in order to adapt to the development of the times and the needs of the market. He continued that at present, an important means for us to cultivate skilled talents is to let students go deep into enterprises and gradually accumulate production experience in the production line. However, enterprises focus on production and do not have much time to cultivate students. After the introduction of shots, this contradiction can be well solved, which effectively improves our teaching quality and further improves students' ability to analyze and solve printing process faults, Improve students' practical ability and accelerate the transformation of students' theoretical knowledge into practical skills. The operation of the center will play a positive role in further improving the school running level of the printing major, solving the contradiction between theoretical teaching and practical teaching, and further improving the school running quality of the printing major

mochunjin, general manager of Shanghai Ziyang Image Technology Co., Ltd., expressed his gratitude to Beijing Institute of industry and trade technicians for their trust in Shanghai Ziyang, and praised the long-term cooperation between the two sides. Shanghai Ziyang will continue to improve its professional quality and technical service level, and make unremitting efforts to improve the competitiveness of customers and the technological progress of the entire printing industry

single offset simulated training system (shots) is an advanced simulated training system developed by French sinapse printing simulator company for the printing industry. As the best auxiliary training tool in the global industry, the system won the GATF InterTech award issued by GATF (American Printing Technology Foundation). Taking the Roland 700 printing operation interface as an example, it simulates the operation of 1~6 color printing from paper continuation to polishing, and a series of printing process flows such as printing plate, blanket, ink, paper and all other console adjustments and machine table adjustments can be simulated. Just like the simulator for training pilots, the operator will be immersive, as if he is operating the printing press, and the difference is that he will not waste paper and ink, nor cause wear and tear to the machinery and equipment, and the complexity of the exercise can be adjusted over time according to the needs of all staff. The trainer can also create or simulate various production faults for training according to the different abilities of the trainees. The shots system has about 300 professional exercises (including more than 200 in the GATF standard offset training course), which truly reaches the level of international training

At present, shots software mainly serves educational institutions, equipment suppliers and packaging and printing enterprises in China. The whole market is in a growing trend

at the seminar on the technical standard of offset printing process (iso-12647) held in the afternoon, Mr. frits BEURSKENS systematically and vividly explained how enterprises can move closer to standardization under existing conditions to achieve stable and low loss printing; The importance of offset printing technology standard (iso-12647) and its close relationship with the development of enterprises; The relationship between color management and iso-12647; Application status and certification procedures of iso12647. The guests at the meeting said that they benefited a lot from the opportunity of face-to-face communication and learning with experts

offset printing process technical standard (iso-12647) seminar

iso 12647 is an international standard on printing quality created by ISO Committee. More and more print buyers take iso12647 certification as an important condition for selecting print suppliers. Through the certification of ISO standard, printing enterprises can improve product quality, reduce consumption and enhance enterprise brand. With more and more printing businesses entering China, Chinese printing enterprises need to cope with the globalization of the market and undertake more foreign orders through standardization

from July 8 to 11, Mr. frits BEURSKENS led the students to systematically learn and master the skills of using shots software. After the training, those who passed the examination were awarded the shots Trainer Certificate. Through this training, the participants will become excellent offset printing technology and process training instructors, and lay a solid foundation for the effective application of shots software

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