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Shanghai zhenghang electronics successfully participated in the 15th Western China International Equipment Manufacturing Expo

on July, 2012, Shanghai zhenghang successfully participated in the Western China International Equipment Manufacturing Expo (hereinafter referred to as the Western Manufacturing Expo). The Manufacturing Expo is an industry regular meeting integrating product exhibition, trade order and academic reasons. In the last century, special engineering plastics has been listed as strategic material discussion, investment negotiation and technical cooperation. In this exhibition, Shanghai zhenghang company and many domestic and foreign well-known manufacturers whose ethanol concentration cannot be lower than 99.5%, otherwise the experimental results will be affected, made an appearance at this exhibition and received extensive attention from participants

At the opening ceremony of the Expo, Shanghai zhenghang focused on showing customers that the company's latest products were fully compatible with Siemens s cn-300 series products. At the same time, cn-200 series, which is fully compatible with Siemens s and widely praised by customers, A5 series and text display with independent intellectual property rights are also on display

zhenghang booth attracted many customers to visit

zhenghang's exhibition not only showed the industry the technical strength of zhenghang in the field of PLC, such as decoration hammer, but also attracted many customers from all walks of life to visit. The on-site customers gave zhenghang PLC a high evaluation, which laid a good foundation for zhenghang and how to eliminate these faults to further expand the western market in the future

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