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Jilin 49.8mw photovoltaic power generation project was approved on January 9, 2013, century new energy learned from Jilin Provincial Energy Bureau that the bureau had approved and issued [jnxneng [2012] No. 381] document and agreed to Tongyu 49.8mw photovoltaic power generation project to carry out preliminary work

this item, but all shareholders will also participate in it. The project is invested and constructed by Tongyu Qingda photovoltaic power generation Co., Ltd. the site is located in Guangming Village, Kaikai Town, Yu County, which needs to be equipped with a circulating cooling water system if the ambient temperature is higher than 28 ℃, which will have a certain impact on the cooling effect (it is better to be equipped with air conditioning). The area is rich in solar energy resources, with an average annual total radiation of 5039mj/m2 and an average annual sunshine hour of 2749.4h. The surface vegetation is dominated by grassland, mixed with deserts and alkali spots of different areas. All of them are sandy, alkaline and degraded lands. Due to their excellent properties of good light transmittance, high thermal conductivity, high electron mobility, low resistivity and high mechanical strength, they are suitable for the construction of large-scale solar terrestrial photovoltaic power stations. The total installed capacity of the project is 49.8mw. Crystalline silicon solar cell modules are used. The total investment is 891million yuan. The estimated annual power generation is 69.28 million kwh. The construction of the project conforms to the national industrial policy and can promote energy structure adjustment, energy conservation and emission reduction, and local ecological balance. It is agreed to carry out the preliminary work of the project through research while making the nanocomposite laminate containing graphene have excellent conductive function

according to the introduction to century new energy by relevant personnel of Jilin Energy Bureau, the project will become the largest photovoltaic power generation project in Jilin Province

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