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400 helps enterprises bring customers to maximize marketing. With the development of science and technology, 400 has become an indispensable tool for enterprises and consumers to communicate. As a national 400 business, enterprises can not only improve their image, but also bring good results. It is a valuable investment for enterprises. The price/performance ratio of the 400 is absolutely scientific and technological. It can reduce the investment of the enterprise and increase the marketing quota. The enterprise needs to have one of these

400 is more perfect than the traditional functional standard requirements. Enterprises pay more and more attention to the reliability of numbers in handling business. Without a reliable number, enterprises should not be able to rely on it. Enterprises with such a number, whether new or old customers, can well maintain and establish contacts, explore potential customers brought about by the 400 brand effect, and help enterprises carry out 360 degree marketing, The business of the enterprise is to obtain better Revenue and expand more customers

400 uses the method of calling charge sharing. Usually, when a customer dials a fixed number of enterprises, the customer pays for both long-distance and local calls, which greatly hinders the communication between the customer and the enterprise, and some are even unwilling to call. However, after 400, this situation does not exist. No matter where the customer dials, the enterprise only charges local calls, reducing the customer's expenses, Increase the length of communication, greatly increase the amount of consultation, so that each dialed user can have enough time to come. This gives customers or dealers confusion in the purchase of products, and leaves customers with a good corporate image

400's powerful function brings not only convenience but also obvious benefits to each enterprise. Using 400 as an enterprise service turns the enterprise into a sound publicity card and helps the enterprise develop a broader market. One is to let customers re understand the enterprise, improve the original position of the enterprise in the hearts of customers, and simplify the internal communication management of the enterprise, so as to fully improve work efficiency and maximize benefits

the official business hall of Zehai technology 400, the first-class agent authorized by the three major operators, gives the largest discount to the enterprises handled, and provides lifetime number maintenance services, so that the enterprises polar 2 and polar 3 will have no worries about publicity. The most professional corporate communication of 400 enterprises, Zehai 400 is selected to help the enterprises take off

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