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The pollution of 400 industrial enterprises in Anhui rebounded

the pollution of 400 industrial enterprises in Anhui rebounded

July 19, 2001

the Environmental Protection Bureau of Anhui Province recently pointed out that although the aggravating trend of environmental pollution in the whole province has been basically controlled, the proportion of pollution rebound of industrial enterprises that save more production costs for enterprises has reached more than 5%, and the pollution of about 400 enterprises has rebounded, such as rubber fatigue testing machines

it is understood that by the end of last year, 6251 of the 6275 industrial enterprises in Anhui province had reached the standard, but some enterprises that had reached the standard rebounded. According to reports from the masses and media exposure, Anhui Provincial Environmental Protection Bureau has checked the enterprises that have reached the standard in the province. In addition, more than 100 small paper mills along the Huaihe River have rebounded seriously. In addition, in some cities, the global lithium supply in 2017 (2) and 019 was 235600 tons, 280600 tons and 362200 tons respectively. Enterprises and township enterprises also rebounded more

the person in charge of Anhui Environmental Protection Bureau said that at present, an investigation team has been sent to make a special prescription investigation case on the basis of investigation, and one case has been investigated and dealt with

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