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485 split concentrator is applied to the access control system, which divides one 485 circuit into multiple 485 circuits. As an important means of security protection, the access control system has been widely used. If you add clean oil to the continuous development of society, who is the best and who is the worst about aluminum and plastic door and window products? Experts say that the two products have their own advantages and disadvantages. The access control system, as a control personnel access management area, is becoming larger and larger. The linked access control machine is produced to meet this demand. Through linking the entire access control system, all access control machines in the controlled area can be managed uniformly

there are many kinds of general communication systems for the linked access control system, such as those based on tcp/ip network communication and RS-485 bus communication. If the existing tcp/ip network is used, the production of metal material tensile test network based on tcp/ip and other public standard instruments has certain wiring advantages. However, if there is no tcp/ip network, RS-485 bus still has the advantages of simple wiring and convenient construction

a community implemented intelligent transformation, increased security measures, and decided to install an access control system in each unit to manage the population access in and out of the community. Because the community was built early, no local area was built in the whole community, and because the residents of the community were directly connected to the telecommunication access information interface alone, there was no relevant demand for the local area of the community. The construction party finally decided to use RS-485 bus as the communication line of the whole access control system. The construction company carried out the construction in strict accordance with the 485 bus wiring specification hand in hand wiring method, but problems were found during the test. Hand in hand wiring method can certainly ensure the stability of 485 communication, but once the access control machine of a unit has the problem of accurate and firm alignment of the force measuring instrument, it may lead to the access control machine of the whole community can not be used, resulting in great inconvenience

through communication with Shenzhen Dingxin Hongda Technology Co., Ltd., this problem can be solved by using its 485 split concentrator. One 485 bus is divided into multiple 485 buses by using the 485 split concentrator, and the bus wiring mode is changed to star wiring mode. Each line is driven independently and isolated from each other. If a certain equipment fails, the 485 split concentrator will completely isolate it from the whole system, Protect other lines from being affected, thus ensuring the stable operation of the whole system

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