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At 5:00 p.m. on March 31, the offline area of SAIC Hongyan vehicle assembly workshop was very warm and extraordinary. After a month of fierce competition among the company's staff, a new historic moment was ushered in. In March, 4517 vehicles were produced, setting a new record of vehicle single 7. The sample was first clamped at the end of sensor 1, It marks the victory of the first battle of SAIC Hongyan production and marketing conference

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4517 SAIC Hongyan single shift monthly production vehicle hit a new high

march 2017 was an unforgettable month for all SAIC Hongyan people. On March 3, SAIC Hongyan announced that it had entered the "wartime" state of production and marketing. The company strengthened production and operation management, held regular management meetings, regular production and delivery meetings, regular marketing meetings, etc. on time every day, comprehensively improved the market response speed, and ensured the orderly promotion of production and marketing work. Establish a wartime field working group in the large manufacturing system to quickly coordinate and solve various problems encountered in the production site, improve the response speed of each unit, and spare no effort to promote the large-scale production organization. The logistics support working group adheres to the guiding ideology of "everything is for the front line and everything serves the front line well", carries out visits and condolences to front-line employees and the families of overseas marketing officers and men, makes every effort to provide logistics support such as food, housing and transportation for employees, and provides round the clock services to support mass production and marketing. All grass-roots party organizations should give full play to the role of Party organizations as fighting bastions and Party members as vanguards and models. After a month of unremitting efforts, as of March 31, SAIC Hongyan had produced 4517 finished vehicles and sold 4017 finished vehicles in March, successfully achieving the core goal of "wartime" in March

4517 SAIC Hongyan sets a new high for the monthly production of complete vehicles in a single class in addition to affecting the divergent heart of the jaws.

at the offline ceremony, loujianping, general manager of SAIC Hongyan, said passionately: the monthly production of 4517 vehicles in a single class has left another footprint in the history of Hongyan Automobile development. This experimental machine is a reliable experimental instrument for colleges and universities to carry out "friction" teaching and scientific research, which is exciting. After a month's conference, the monthly production plan was successfully completed, which made people truly feel the spirit of Hongyan and proved that SAIC Hongyan team is competitive and can withstand the pressure. For the long-term development of Hongyan, there is still a long way to go. Now we have only taken the first step. In the future, we will take the second and third steps. We will advance towards the goal of producing and selling 40000, 50000 and 100000 vehicles. We hope that the majority of cadres and employees will not forget their original intentions and continue to work hard to win the "wartime" large-scale production and marketing battle in an all-round way

loujianping, general manager of SAIC Hongyan, huchunfang, chief financial officer, Dang Shengyong, senior manager, heads of departments and employee representatives witnessed this historic moment. There were constant applause and cheers. The victory of the first battle of the production and marketing battle has made the cadres and employees full of fighting spirit and confidence. We are actively meeting another round of new challenges with 100 times enthusiasm

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