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The temperature is gradually rising, and summer has quietly arrived. We need to equip our home with fresh clothes to make our mood fresh and quiet. The American rural style dress up can bring a leisurely, comfortable and natural pastoral life interest to our home, and give us a brand-new refreshing experience. Next, we will summarize the collocation characteristics of American pastoral style from the three aspects of color, furniture and decoration, and we will certainly give you correct suggestions in terms of makeup home. Part1: Brown and yellow color matching

case1: fresh pastoral

matching comments: whether it is a white sofa, or a light green or cloth pillow, it gives us a fresh feeling, and the rattan furniture is naturally comfortable. Case2: elegant and idyllic

matching comments: it is still the decoration of rattan weaving, cloth art, logs and other elements, with a strong pastoral flavor, elegant and leisurely, just to cool the hot mood in summer. Case3: rustic and idyllic

collocation comments: in the master bedroom or small collapse, it is still brown and yellow as the main tone, with the unique charm and charm of nature in the rustic





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