In autumn and rainy season, I'm particularly annoy

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Autumn is coming, and the rain is endless. Autumn rain is not as urgent as summer rain. Autumn rain falls quietly, for fear of startling autumn noise. Maybe autumn rain is so quiet, euphemistic and light. When I opened the window, the autumn wind poured into my neck, and I sneezed, leaving my body languidly and quietly, making me particularly awake. I breathe fresh air, and sometimes I look up to feel the coolness of autumn rain

the thin autumn rain, beating on the window lattice, is like the uniform and beautiful sound played by strings; The fine autumn rain, intermittent, as misty as spring rain, stretches between heaven and earth, gracefully forming lines of poetry. The drip sound of rain is like a flat rhyme, meaningful and beautiful rain all the way; The fine autumn rain, like a natural, fresh and refined woman without makeup, walks between heaven and earth, soft and pure, dazzling dance, like colorful dance in the air, like thousands of willows swaying in the wind, fluttering and falling leisurely

looking at the window, the fine autumn rain came slowly from the sky, not in a hurry, leisurely. The slight wind came in the face, which had already dispelled the heat of the previous days, and it was cool from the soles of your feet, penetrating your heart and bringing a touch of coolness to your heart. Gazing at the glittering and translucent rain line, like a string of beads woven like silver, the curtain is hung in front of the window, decorating the window, enjoying the drizzle for a long time, and the autumn rain is more beautiful

yearning for the interest of autumn rain. Look, the wind carrying the rain line is charming; Listen, the rain is charming with the wind. The bright glass window becomes clearer after being soaked by the splashing rain. Occasionally open the window, let the wind and rain kiss my face, and then gently slide down my skirt. A burst of autumn wind blew, heard the sound of fallen leaves falling outside the window, and played a wonderful symphony with autumn rain. Open the door, bursts of cool air rushed into the room. At this time, as long as you close your eyes and listen quietly, everything belonging to autumn will enter your soul bit by bit! Autumn rainy night, a person listens to the murmur of autumn wind and rain by window

this quiet and elegant temperament of autumn is far away from noise and vanity. I like to think quietly and daze alone, and enjoy all the beauty brought by autumn




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