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Deville is one of the top ten brands of the overall wardrobe, and has won several times of the top ten ranking of the overall wardrobe. It is a big brand recognized by consumers. In 2016, Deville upgraded from overall wardrobe to full house customization, but it is still one of the top ten ranking brands of overall wardrobe that will remain prosperous in the eyes of consumers. What about Deville, the top ten brands in the overall wardrobe

Deville has first-class production technology and professional innovation team, and selects more avant-garde, better and more environmentally friendly materials and designs in production design. Deville has a variety of wardrobe styles. In 2016, the series styles of Deville wardrobe are as follows:

colorful four seasons, Avir, Prague, Le bar home, Nordic impression, count of gold, Champs Elysees, colorful city, Southeast Asia sunshine, oriental ancient charm. These series are all customized in the whole house. Their styles are European, Southeast Asian, American and Chinese. They are diverse and very beautiful. In addition, there are shutters, leather art, finishes, mix and match, blisters, and through a variety of collocations, the ever-changing wardrobe styles are derived, and the style changes are more diverse. In 2016, the golden Earl series and colorful four seasons series of de Ville wardrobe also obtained the national appearance patent certificate

nowadays, consumers' requirements for furniture lie in environmental protection. The environmental protection grade of dewell wardrobe board has been upgraded year by year, and formaldehyde free board is a board gift carefully prepared by dewell for consumers

Deville spent a lot of money to sign a strategic cooperation agreement with Yuanfang software to build a "smart" home system. With the official delivery of the second industrial production base in Deville, the German Haomai flexible production line is about to be put into operation. The headquarters will be more strict with the terminal performance, and the number of orders will also increase greatly. The traditional manual order splitting method in the past will undoubtedly not be able to cope with the sharp growth of market demand in the future. This cooperation with Yuanfang software can not only provide new services for the second industrial park, but also realize intelligent bill splitting, paperless office and intelligent production

how about Deville, the top ten brands in the overall wardrobe? Products, production, brand and service strength are all outstanding in the industry, and Deville is also a big brand recognized by consumers

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