Fuzhou decoration owners rush to secure decoration

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Fuzhou decoration owners rush to secure decoration

on March 5, Fuzhou Youjia decoration and Strait Metropolis Daily held a "Fuzhou affordable decoration rush booking meeting". In the conference room of Fujian daily building, which can accommodate 20 people, decoration owners who came to grab orders crowded the conference room, and more than 200 owners grabbed orders on the day of the event

why is a home decoration activity so concerned by the owner? The reason lies in the three words "supportability", which is a service reform in the home decoration industry. It is the decoration company that fundamentally solves the decoration pain points of the owners, so it has attracted widespread attention in the local area

for a long time, the services of home decoration companies have always made the owners feel opaque, and the phenomenon of project delay is common, so the owners cannot move into the new house as planned; The decoration materials are fake and shoddy, and the project quality is not guaranteed; It is almost unavoidable to add items during construction; The widespread problems of indoor air pollution after decoration, such as being unable to live in, make the interests of decoration owners lack sufficient protection. In order to completely solve this problem, decoration companies need to make great concessions in interests. Therefore, few decoration companies have been able to truly protect the interests of owners

in the second half of last year, Fuzhou Youjia decoration took the lead in launching the four major guarantee commitments of "deferred compensation for rent, one compensation for material leave, all additional items free, and a thorough solution to environmental protection", which was welcomed by many owners at once. It plays a practical role in improving the service level of the home decoration industry and safeguarding the interests of owners, which is worthy of publicity and promotion. For example, in the past, the decoration company also promised the owner to use all environmental protection materials for decoration. After decoration, indoor air environmental protection testing was carried out, and it was handed over to the owner for use after passing the test. However, in fact, the practice of the decoration company set various conditions, some require testing before floor paving, and some require testing before curtain, furniture, and floor installation, Such indoor air testing is carried out without regard to some pollution sources. Although a qualified report can be obtained, the problem of indoor air pollution has not been solved after the decoration is fully completed. The commitment made by Youjia decoration on this issue is to help the owners deal with indoor air pollution after decoration. Therefore, professional departments have been added in the company, professional equipment and equipment have been purchased, environmental protection treatment has been carried out after the full construction of floors, curtains, wardrobes, etc., and air detection has been carried out after professional management, which has fundamentally solved the worries of the owners, The fulfillment of this commitment alone will increase the cost of each decoration project by nearly 5000 yuan

Fuzhou decoration owners will be interested in the idea of "affordable decoration". It is because the owners have learned to safeguard their own interests in the long-term attention. For the complex and unfamiliar field of decoration, the four guarantee commitments of home decoration simplify the concerns of the owners. It is simple for the owners to supervise the decoration company, and the decoration company is clear and specific to fulfill its commitments, Insiders believe that in the future, the home decoration market will fully realize the commitment of the four guarantees, "affordable decoration" will be more and more popular with owners





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