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Stora Enso believes that there is no significant change in the market.

Stora Enso, the world's second largest paper manufacturer, Sweden Finland, said on Friday that the situation of the paper market has deteriorated, which is the highest value recorded in the literature for similar biomaterials, but there is no significant change compared with the company's previous prediction

Bjorn Hagglund, acting CEO of the company, said, "at the beginning of this year or even at the end of last year, the market has begun to decline. The development of things is the same as what we predicted earlier. I think our judgment of the situation is very correct."

earlier last week, Finnish M-real announced that due to the weak demand for magazine paper and high-end cultural paper, they had no money to make in the second quarter. Hagglund made the above comments after this statement

Hagglund reiterated that 2001 was a difficult year for Stora Enso

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