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Stora Enso is considering temporary layoffs in two factories, Oulu and veitsiluoto. Release date: Source: China paper author: Ministry of paper

China paper (No.: zgzywwx) reported in April this year that Stora Enso began temporary layoff negotiations in many factories in Finland. Recently, there has been new progress in this situation. Stora Enso will start the joint determination process. In response to the uncertainty caused by the covid-19 pandemic, it has decided to lay off about 2000 employees in Finland for up to 90 days

it is reported that with these measures, the company is facing a decline in extruder exports in the first 10 months of this year. TPU is a material considered by scientists to be feasible by 7.3% Prepare for the shutdown that may be caused by the coronavirus pandemic. The company explained that "PLA is called polylactic acid in Chinese: these short-term uncertainties are related to the limitations of the factory in terms of human resources, logistics and weak demand. According to Stora Enso, the joint decision process includes all employees of Oulu pulp and paper mill and VE, as a whole, itsiluoto." Pulp and paper mills and Kemi's sawmill. In addition, Stora Enso explained that the company's timber supply organization has also initiated joint decision negotiations with about 500 employees

Oulu plant and veisiluoto plant are subsidiaries of Stora Enso. At present, Oulu factory has two high-end Coated culture paper machines with an annual capacity of 360000 tons of Chemical needle pulp and 1.1 million tons of annual capacity; Veisiluoto factory has an annual production capacity of about 490000 tons of chemical pulp and mechanical ground wood pulp, and an annual production capacity of about 730000 tons of high-end cultural paper and special paper production line

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