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Officials of the State Environmental Protection Administration explained in detail the measures for environmental information disclosure

on April 11, the State Environmental Protection Administration issued the measures for environmental information disclosure (Trial), which stipulated the subject, scope, procedures and of environmental information disclosure. This is the first comprehensive departmental regulation on environmental information disclosure after the issuance of the regulations of the people's Republic of China on government information disclosure, and it is also another important measure taken by the State Environmental Protection Administration to improve its dispersion in polymers and public participation in environmental protection after the introduction of the Interim Measures for public participation in environmental impact assessment in March 2006. Recently, Yang Chaofei, director of the Department of policies and regulations of the State Environmental Protection Administration, was interviewed about the background, legislative purpose and relevant contents of the "Environmental Information Disclosure Measures (Trial)" (hereinafter referred to as the "measures")

: the State Council has just promulgated the regulations on government information disclosure, and the environmental protection department then issued the measures for environmental information disclosure (Trial). What is the background of the introduction of the measures

Yang Chaofei: public participation is one of the most powerful supports for environmental protection and an important way to solve China's environmental problems. Over the years, public environmental information and public participation have been the work direction of environmental protection departments, and many good experiences have been gained. The environmental protection department has been making efforts to explore ways of information disclosure, and has taken listening to public opinions as an important part of environmental protection work, from taking the lead in issuing the environmental quality status bulletin to implementing the environmental quality and forecast of key cities, weekly and monthly reports on the water environment quality of key sections of major water systems, as well as the formulation of environmental laws and regulations, the preparation of environmental planning, and administrative penalties

with the gradual advancement of environmental protection, the depth and breadth of public participation in environmental protection have further expanded, and the role of public participation in environmental protection has been better played. However, we should also see that due to the lack of effective institutional guarantee, there is also a lack of operable regulations on who will make public, what to make public, how to make public, and what to do if it is not made public, which leads to obstacles in public access to information, the illegal sewage discharge behavior of enterprises has not been effectively supervised, and environmental law enforcement is difficult to get broader support and understanding. Although the public has enthusiasm for participation, they suffer from not knowing relevant information and lack of corresponding ways of participation. Their enthusiasm for participating in nano reinforced plastics is difficult to be transformed into a strong driving force for environmental protection

the right to know, the right to participate and the right to supervision are the main rights enjoyed by the public in environmental protection, among which the right to know is the premise and important foundation of public participation. Only by obtaining accurate environmental information can the public effectively exercise the right of participation and supervision. With the general improvement of public environmental awareness, the public's desire to obtain more environmental information is growing, and the voice of requiring the government and enterprises to disclose their environmental information is also growing. In order to meet the requirements of environmental information disclosure in the new situation, it is necessary to make clear provisions on the scope, subject, methods and procedures, supervision and of environmental information disclosure, establish and improve the legal system of environmental information disclosure, and ensure the public's right to know the environment

it is against this background that the state environmental protection administration actively implemented the regulations of the people's Republic of China on government information disclosure, and issued the measures for environmental information disclosure (for Trial Implementation) in accordance with the provisions of relevant national laws and regulations and in combination with the actual situation of current environmental protection

: the measures stipulates that environmental protection departments and enterprises should disclose environmental information, giving them the "Curse of special chemicals led by ethyl acetate, butyl acetate, plasticizer and Farnese". What changes will information disclosure bring to them

Yang Chaofei: the measures stipulates two types of information disclosure subjects, one is the environmental protection department, and the other is the pollutant discharge enterprise. Public environmental information will be a double-edged sword for both environmental protection departments and enterprises. On the one hand, public information puts forward higher requirements for environmental protection departments and enterprises, which is a constraint on the environmental behavior of the government and enterprises; On the other hand, publicity can urge the government and enterprises to take more effective environmental protection measures, improve heart and transparency, and promote benign supervision in the field of environment

for the administrative department of environmental protection, disclosing environmental information, strengthening communication with the public and accepting public supervision are the requirements for further promoting the transformation of government public management and service functions, and the urgent needs for strengthening environmental law enforcement and improving the management level of environmental protection departments. Listening to public opinion and absorbing the wisdom of the people are also conducive to improving the quality and public reliability of government decision-making and moving forward towards scientific environmental decision-making. Therefore, environmental protection departments at all levels should constantly improve their understanding of the importance of information disclosure

first of all, information disclosure is an urgent need to strengthen environmental law enforcement and establish the image of environmental protection departments to enforce the law impartially, enforce the law sunshine and work for the people. The current environmental situation is very serious, and the public is paying more and more attention to environmental problems. At present, the environmental law enforcement force is seriously insufficient, and local protectionism exists in some places, so environmental supervision is difficult to be in place. Public environmental information, so that all sectors of society can understand the progress and difficulties in environmental protection, will be conducive to public supervision, and create favorable conditions for strengthening environmental law enforcement and overcoming local protectionism

secondly, information disclosure is also an urgent need to improve the management level of environmental protection departments and strengthen public management and services. Over the years, the national environmental protection system has vigorously promoted the openness of government affairs, took the lead in releasing all kinds of environmental information, implemented environmental hearings according to law in the process of formulating environmental policies and regulations and carrying out environmental impact assessment, made beneficial attempts in the disclosure of enterprise environmental information and the evaluation of enterprise environmental behavior, and actively dredged the channels for the public to participate in environmental protection. These measures not only enhance the transparency of environmental management, but also improve the management level of environmental protection departments. On this basis, we should further improve the system and working mechanism of information interaction between the public and the government, and constantly improve the efficiency and level of environmental information disclosure

the disclosure of enterprise environmental information, on the one hand, helps the public better supervise the environmental behavior of enterprises, makes up for the lack of relying solely on government departments to enforce the law, to a certain extent, is conducive to pollutant discharge enterprises to better comply with environmental laws and regulations, so that different enterprises can compete fairly in a law-abiding environment; On the other hand, it helps to strengthen the environmental awareness of enterprises, make public the quality of enterprises' environmental behavior, and gradually become the basis for the society to evaluate enterprises and choose their products. In production, circulation, consumption and other links, whether to do

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