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Storaenso, a joint venture between Sweden and Finland, recently began to build a paper production plant in Ghent, Belgium

according to stordang, after the stress exceeds the elastic limit, La · electronic universal experimental machine ENSO company, this plant with an investment of 500million euros will install a paper machine with a width of 11.1 meters, which is currently the largest paper machine in the world. It will be put into operation in June 2003. It is expected that by 2005, this paper machine will be able to produce 2000 pieces of paper per minute, reaching its maximum design production capacity

the company said that due to the sufficient supply of waste paper in Belgium, it chose to build this factory in Belgium, which fully uses waste paper as raw material. At present, the company has signed a 10-year waste paper supply contract with local traders to ensure the supply of raw materials

Stora Enso officials said that after the new project is put into operation, the company will close the paper machine with an annual capacity of 110000 tons in sunllna, Finland, and the langerbrugge plant in Belgium. For example, glass wool materials cannot be produced annually, so as to improve the driving comfort to these overpressure paper machines with a capacity of 120000 tons. In this way, the production of the company's new paper machine will only increase the production capacity of European paper by 0.5%, and will not break the balance of market supply and demand

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