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Stora Enso participated in the ICIF, and the environmental protection concept of "book lovers love forests" was widely pursued

on May 17, 2011, at the invitation of China Association of printing technology, Stora Enso King factory participated in the seventh China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industry Expo (hereinafter referred to as ICIF) held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center on May, especially the test of tensile strength. At the green printing technology exchange meeting held by the organizer, Mr. Jin Jun, senior technical customer service manager of Stora Enso, made a speech on green and environmentally friendly products, fully recycled publishing paper, which promoted the concept of green and environmental protection that Stora Enso group has always followed and the physical practice of Dawang factory for many years, and was highly praised by the participants

The ICIF is jointly sponsored by the Ministry of culture, the Ministry of Commerce, the State Administration of radio, film and television, the General Administration of publication, the China Council for the promotion of international trade, the people's Government of Guangdong Province and the people's Government of Shenzhen. It is the only national, international and comprehensive cultural industry expo in China

entering the green printing exhibition area of the ICIF publishing hall, 18 domestic enterprises invited by the China Printing Technology Association that can represent the current level of green printing development participated in the exhibition. The exhibition area covers various fields of printing, such as prepress, printing, post press, materials, ink, paper, machinery, printing services, etc., with wide industry representation and strong technology foresight. Stora Enso King factory, as the only green paper manufacturer, participated in the exhibition. The sales of new businesses such as technical exchanges, home decoration supplies such as product doors and windows, and services such as integrated kitchen design nearly doubled compared with 2012

at the green printing technology exchange meeting held on the 14th, Mr. Jin Jun delivered a speech on green and environmentally friendly products, fully recycled publishing paper, and comprehensively introduced the three series of products of Stora Enso King factory: Yue Yin TM super calendered paper, cold set magazine paper, and cold set color offset paper. Stora Enso factory focuses on sustainable development, only uses waste paper from sustainable sources as raw materials, is committed to reducing the impact of the factory on the environment, operates in accordance with the same rules in the world, and curbs climate change on a global scale

according to the different needs of customers, the three products of Dawang factory meet different needs, and provide customers with effective solutions from different aspects such as weight, hue, application and so on. As the first environmentally friendly magazine paper manufacturer in China to obtain FSC recycled (FSC recycled fiber) certification, Dawang factory's products are green and environmentally friendly recycled paper products recommended by Greenpeace. It is authorized to use the special logo of book lovers and forests, thus enhancing the social recognition value and added value of publications. During the meeting, the representatives and audience responded strongly. Jin Jun and Wu Ming, the director of marketing and sales of Dawang factory, discussed with Zhang shuangru, the executive vice president of China Printing Technology Association, Jiangsu Phoenix Xinhua Printing Co., Ltd. and Suzhou bright Ink Co., Ltd. on the possible fatigue testing machine used by both parties to test the rental timeliness of materials under repeated or alternating stress

Shenzhen Wenbo, green first. As a negative paper manufacturer, Stora Enso King factory will continue to move forward on the road of green and environmental protection, not only providing customers with sustainable solutions, but also making due contributions to green and environmental protection

about Stora Enso King factory

Shandong Stora Enso Huatai Paper Co., Ltd. (King factory) was established in April, 2006, specializing in the production of world-class super calendered paper, with an annual production capacity of 200000 tons. Yueyin brand originates from Europe and is one of the overpressure paper brands under Stora Enso. After localization and improvement according to the needs of the Asian market, it uses 100% recycled fiber, which is a sustainable green paper. Yueyin is the only continuous and stable overpressure paper brand in the Asia Pacific region. Quality, service, economy, fully recycled environmental protection paper is the best interpretation of Yueyin. Yueyin is widely used in retail advertising, newspaper folders, TV guides, large circulation magazines, catalogues, direct mail advertisements, supplements, product manuals, books and gift packaging

about Stora Enso

Stora Enso is a global leader in the field of sustainable development in the forest paper industry. We provide customers with solutions based on renewable raw materials. Our products can provide many climate friendly alternatives to non renewable materials and have a low carbon footprint. Stora Enso was also included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index and the FTSE social index. Stora Enso has 27000 employees worldwide, with sales of 8.9 billion euros in 2009. Stora Enso shares are listed on the NASDAQ OMX (steav, sterv) and Stockholm (STE a, ste R) stock exchanges in Helsinki. In addition, the group's shares are also traded on the international otcqx OTC market in the United States in the form of American Depositary Receipts (seoay)

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