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Stora Enso launched the "rethink - creative plan", and the new company logo was launched today.

Stora Enso group launched a change in the spring of 2010, which we call rethink creative plan, and conducted internal communication in November 2010. Today, we officially released rethink creative plan. The most significant change of this change is the new corporate logo of Stora Enso group

Jouko karvinen, CEO of Stora Enso, said: Rethink's creative plan is based on the changes that have taken place and are taking place in Stora Enso and its business. We need to think about our business in a new way. This corporate culture that challenges the old way is becoming a part of daily work within the group

we firmly believe that we are not the only one reviewing. People all over the world are reviewing, and all our stakeholders are also reviewing. No matter how to protect the earth for future generations, how companies must learn to develop business in a negative way in the new society, or how consumers demand sustainable solutions, and how we respond to these needs of consumers, all these aspects, I often change the samples, and they are re examining

Gunnar Brock, chairman of Stora Enso's board of directors, said: Rethink creative plan is to question the old way of doing things and find new methods and solutions to meet the requirements of customers, shareholders, employees and society to the greatest extent, which is a difficult challenge. We believe that the management of the group is fully prepared and will spare no effort to shoulder this important task

as part of rethink's creative plan, Stora Enso reshaped the company's identity. The new logo symbolizes the group's commitment to using renewable materials to develop innovative solutions and create a sustainable future for the earth. The design of the logo of the new company not only reflects the image related to Stora Enso's business and products, but also × It embodies the law of endless natural circulation. Its design inspiration comes from the petalless flowers of Eucalyptus. Eucalyptus has become an increasingly important raw material for pulp production

the rethink report creative report released today will replace Stora Enso's traditional annual report. I hope readers can think together with us to re-examine the current situation, innovate and explore the future. You can subscribe through

Stora Enso group is a global innovator in the packaging, paper and forest products industries. We are constantly re examining the current situation, exploring new fields, and providing innovative solutions for our customers with renewable materials if we find that the pressure is not enough. The group has 26000 employees worldwide, and our sales in 2010 were 10.3 billion euros. Storan 2 The stocks with low jaw quality are listed on NASDAQ OMX (steav, sterv) and Stockholm (STE a, ste R) stock exchanges in Helsinki. In addition, the group's shares are also traded on the international otcqx OTC market in the United States in the form of American Depositary Receipts (seoay)

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