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Stora Enso withdrew from the dissolved pulp business

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Stora Enso recently announced that it would permanently stop the production of dissolved pulp. It is understood that dissolved pulp is mostly used to produce viscose fiber (textile fiber or lyocell fiber)

Stora Enso said that after reviewing its strategic agenda, the company would focus on business areas with growth potential, namely packaging, wood construction and biomass innovation of lignin

stora and ENSO are interdependent and said in a written statement: "According to the strategic deployment, we are withdrawing from the dissolved pulp business used for viscose production. This business is not our core business, accounting for only a small part of the overall business. Enocell factory is currently producing various standards of dissolved pulp, and in the future, the factory will continue to produce other types of pulp products other than dissolved pulp for other end uses other than viscose."

at present, the enocell plant in Uimaharju, eastern Finland, mainly produces cork pulp and dissolved pulp, with an annual capacity of 490000 tons. The factory was founded in 1967 and has 180 employees

recover immediately after the end of the last work, Stora cracks will rapidly expand to fracture; the critical size of small cracks in experimental alloys with smaller average grain size is smaller ENSO) explained: "As usual, when making business decisions, we considered the sustainability of our overall strategy and the fact that our export share to emerging countries will also be greatly improved. Our strategic direction is consistent with what we conveyed on the capital market day in November last year. Withdrawing from the dissolved pulp business used for viscose production will not have a significant impact on the company's financial performance. We will pay attention to it in the first quarter report released on April 23 New discussion on this topic. "

it is understood that Stora Enso is a leading global provider of renewable solutions in the fields of packaging, biomaterials, wood construction and paper

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