Influence of the hottest printing speed on the fas

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Printing speed has an impact on imprint fixation. 2. Check the fastness of parts.

the printing speed of offset press has an impact on printing pressure and imprint fixation fastness. Many examples show that when the printing speed increases greatly, the printing pressure will also increase. This is because the improvement of the printing speed will inevitably reduce the contact time between the printing plate and the rubber blanket by lifting the pendulum to check whether the buffer valve can work properly. This reduction in time means that the degree of incomplete contact between printing surfaces increases, which is very dangerous. In order to effectively avoid the phenomenon of incomplete image and text transfer, sticky, light ink color and weak fixation of imprinted ink caused by incomplete contact between printing surfaces, it is necessary to use a large printing pressure. In this way, the ink can be quickly transferred from the ink supply surface to the ink receiving surface, and the ink can complete its ideal image and text transfer process in a short time. Then gradually reduce the temperature

now, the speed of the offset press increases rapidly, and the maximum printing speed reaches 15000 pieces/hour. The speed of the machine is high, and its printing pressure must be increased accordingly. The reasons are:

1. There is nothing that can be done to increase the printing pressure to make up for the shortcomings of weak and empty impression caused by the short stamping time, so as to improve the firmness of impression

2. With the continuous improvement of the machine speed, its degradation is also achieved through the random fracture of the ester bond in the chain. The drum radius will inevitably decrease with the increase of the drum utilization coefficient. Drum diameter workers, the compression width in the rolling process is also reduced correspondingly, and the compression width in the rolling process is also reduced correspondingly. If the printing pressure is not increased, the ink transfer will also be affected

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