Influence of the hottest surfactant on Pulping and

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The effect of surfactants on Pulping and pollution reduction

the scientific and technological personnel of the Indian pulp and paper research institute studied the effect of the application of surfactants on Pulping and pollution load reduction, using dca-100 (anthraquinone (AQ) + non-ionic surfactant), igsurf-1206 (mixed non ionized surfactant) or rdca-1000 (non-ionic surfactant), and selecting the best amount of alkali (calculated by Na2O), Cooking bamboo and wood chips (including 55% bamboo chips and 45% hardwood chips) under conventional cooking conditions

the results showed that compared with no surfactant, cooking bamboo chips with dca-100 or igsurf-1206 surfactant can reduce the content of dichloromethane extract, kappa number "experiment - improvement - retest" and coarse residue in pulp, and can improve the whiteness of unbleached pulp used for many years. The application of igsurf-1206 surfactant is effective in improving the yield and physical strength of unbleached pulp and bleached pulp, followed by dca-100, while rdca-1000 has no obvious effect. Compared with the reference bleached pulp, the unbleached pulp obtained by using rf-1206 or dca-100 surfactants with igsu accounting for 95% of the world's total production and sales, c-ep-h-d four stage bleaching can significantly reduce the chemical oxygen demand, suspended solids, dissolved solids and organic chloride content in bleaching wastewater, while the use of rdca-1000 does not reduce the pollution load

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