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The influence of high-efficiency fountain solution on offset printing

offset printing is based on the principle of water ink balance, in which water refers to fountain solution. When the fountain solution is directly circulated, it can lead the thermostatic liquid in the tank outward, affecting the printing plate quality, ink drying speed, etc. Therefore, the printing plant needs to understand the characteristics and performance of the fountain solution used, and select the appropriate fountain solution to ensure the normal printing

at present, most of the fountain solutions that meet the above conditions in the domestic market are imported products. Although the quality is high, the price is not cheap. Therefore, the production of fountain solution with new equipment, high quality and reasonable price has become the need of the market. Through in-depth analysis of the composition of the fountain solution and the influence of the content on the printing, the technicians of Beijing Huacong economic and Trade Co., Ltd. introduced a high-efficiency fountain solution - Thermosetting rotary fountain solution (cggen) and printing fountain solution

the influence of Huacong high-efficiency fountain solution on various factors of offset printing

high efficiency fountain solution plays a role in coordinating various factors involved in printing in the printing process, as follows:

· printing plate. High efficiency fountain solution enables the ink to quickly reach the water ink balance; Make the non graphic part of the printing plate have good hydrophilicity and oil repellency; Protect the printing plate during shutdown; Improve the printing plate resistance; Suitable for all kinds of printing plates

· ink. High efficiency fountain solution can stabilize the emulsification degree of ink and water, and quickly achieve the balance of ink and water; And keep the ink in an ideal dry state; Make the ink film-forming property good

· paper. High efficiency fountain solution can avoid paper static electricity, so that the paper of the tensile testing machine can peel off quickly and well from the rubber drum; Prevent the paper from falling powder and wool

· printing press. The pH value of fountain solution is controlled between 4.5 ~ 5.5 to protect the printing machine from corrosion: suitable for a variety of wetting devices; Prevent the paper powder accumulation of all parts of the printing machine; Prevent the accumulation of algae, oil dirt and other impurities; Prevent the deposition of salt substances

basic characteristics of Huacong fountain solution

as a high-efficiency fountain solution, Huacong fountain solution has the following characteristics:

1. The pH value of fountain solution is stable at 4.3 ~ 5.5 (the amount of fountain solution is 2 ~ 3%)

2. it is more suitable for high-precision printing, with good point reproducibility, rich printing layers and bright colors

3. Proper addition of plasticizer can change the phenomenon of dirty plates due to too fast speed during high-speed printing

4. The time of running the machine can be stabilized at about one shift (8 hours), and it can be printed continuously without adjusting the water supply system

5. Reduce the wear of PS plate in the printing process, prolong the service life of PS plate, and improve the printing resistance of printing plate

6. it will not produce mold and algae to block the machine waterway

7. relatively reduce alcohol consumption

8. No crystallization

9. The loading speed is 0.5mm/min. There are corresponding fountain solution products for different printing materials and drying methods

Liansu said in its report to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on March 17 that it would continue to conduct more in-depth discussions on the hardness of water, the requirements of pH value and the surface tension of fountain solution related to fountain solution

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