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Influence of VOC tax on the development of water-based coatings

in order to standardize and improve the production process and product technical indicators of coating enterprises, and promote the progress of the entire coating industry, the Ministry of industry and information technology has formulated 14 relevant standards for the coating and pigment industry to regulate the healthy development of the entire coating industry

the introduction of the new standards will help to improve the overall level of the development of the domestic coating industry, but also in order to face the increasing environmental protection needs of society. The new standard contains a large number of technical indicators aimed at reducing VOC emissions and environmental pollution

the topic of replacing "oil" with "water" in the coating industry has been widely discussed, and the implementation of the coating consumption tax this year is also considered by industry insiders to cause changes in the coating industry. On February 1 this year, after the state imposed a 4% consumption tax on coatings with a VOC content of more than 420 g/L (including), the transformation and upgrading of traditional solvent based industrial coatings enterprises to water-based, powder and other environmental protection has become irreversible

more and more consumers in the market also believe that the paint products with traditional production concept are not suitable for the environmental protection needs of contemporary society with hydrofluoric acid and nuclear fuel precursors. Only water-based coatings can meet the new concept of environmental protection and healthy life

among many waterborne coating systems, waterborne polyurethane coating, waterborne epoxy coating and waterborne acrylic resin coating are the most concerned areas. Since June 1, 2015, Hg/t4761-2014 waterborne polyurethane coating, Hg/t4759-2014 waterborne epoxy resin anti-corrosion coating Hg/t4758-2014 "waterborne acrylic resin coating" and other three water-based industrial coating product standards will officially complete the control and implementation of table motion speed. The implementation of these standards will be an important milestone in the development of waterborne industrial coatings in China

at present, China's waterborne polyurethane coating market is in the initial stage, and has not really formed a scale. However, with the general improvement of the awareness of environmental protection in the whole society, especially the increasingly strict requirements of environmental protection regulations in various countries on the VOC content in coatings, the increasingly mature technology and the gradual reduction of raw material costs, waterborne polyurethane coatings will usher in vigorous development opportunities

hg/t4759-2014 "waterborne epoxy anticorrosive coatings" is applicable to waterborne epoxy anticorrosive coatings for metal substrates, and puts forward relevant technical index requirements for primer, intermediate paint and finish paint respectively

epoxy coatings account for a considerable proportion of anti-corrosion coatings for steel structures. The traditional solvent based epoxy coatings produce a large number of volatile organic compounds in the production and construction process, so the hydration development of epoxy resin has been put on the agenda

although waterborne epoxy resin has been studied for more than 25 years and waterborne epoxy paint has been applied for more than 10 years, from the perspective of overall application, waterborne epoxy resin and waterborne epoxy paint based on it have not formed large-scale production and application. At present, the quality and protective effect of waterborne epoxy anticorrosive coatings on the market are not satisfactory, and coating accidents often occur

the introduction of the new standard has standardized all links of the production, construction and application of waterborne epoxy anticorrosive coatings, which will certainly promote the technical progress and market popularization of this kind of coating products

hg/t4758-2014 waterborne acrylic resin coatings is applicable to waterborne one component or two-component coatings with acrylate resin as the main film-forming material. The products are mainly used for the decoration and protection of metal surfaces

waterborne acrylic resin coating products are not only used for the protection of metals such as steel in industrial or civil fields, but also for the protection of cement or wood in many cases

this water-based coating has great competitiveness in terms of environmental protection, performance and price, including climate aging resistance, reducing the content of volatile organic compounds, etc. In foreign countries, this product has been popularized to a considerable extent, and its application is more and more extensive in China

at present, there are many kinds of waterborne acrylic protective coatings on the market. Previously, due to the lack of unified standards and specifications, the product quality, environmental protection requirements and construction effects were uneven. It is believed that the introduction of the new standard will quickly change this situation

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