Top ten plate making processes that must be follow

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Ten must abide by the plate making process

(I) routine inspection:

first, before making up: the documents must be confirmed by the customer, and the original documents (samples) and confirmation drafts of relevant documents must be provided

second, determine customer needs: how many colors to open, whether to produce knife mold, UV (varnish), concave convex plate, bronzing plate and spelling, left and right self turning, up and down self turning, front and back, opposite inserting plate or several combinations, or some other special spelling:

third, document specifications and version content confirmation: text and font, color and specifications (including various forms of specifications such as shoe boxes and tea boxes) Pattern and proportion (such as whether the text is too close to the edge)

Fourth, the technical inspection of the document:

1, whether it is a normal four-color or spot color, and whether it needs trapping or embossing. Stanford University researchers said that

2. Whether there are crosshairs, biting lines, printing lines (overprint color), bleeding

3. Pay attention to the treatment of hot, concave convex or polished positions

4. If the background color is dark, the white words on it should be larger

5. Check the information column to see whether there are words that have not been converted and whether the bitmap is CMYD mode, but for high stiffness materials or samples with small plastic activity conditions that need to be limited to measure the elastic limit, and whether the format of position import is within the range of (TIF, PSD, EPS)

6. When black is superimposed with silver or gold, it is best to expose the blank, otherwise the text will change color seriously

7. When sending a film, you should send an original document and a JPG (color spray) document, otherwise the film maker cannot check it

fifth, the color, color, text and hook marks of bitmap processing in the file must be rechecked. If errors are found, they must be checked again after modification until no errors appear.

sixth, inspection method: generally divided into self-examination, ask colleagues to check each other, and ask the superior to check if there is any doubt, big order or trouble

seventh, in the CD that is released, you must pay attention to the impression and inform the other party. In addition, the picture must be checked and cannot be cut. No matter what the situation is, the file must be clear. What mode it should be is what mode it should be. Don't call out the film company to change it Are you clear?

eighth, is there a way to find all the colors in AI

ninth, the customer must confirm it before output. If the customer says it doesn't need to be confirmed, it must also be confirmed by the person who submits the manuscript to prevent errors in the communication process. And must be carried

tenth, when assembling glue, you should first assemble several pairs of folios according to the normal horse riding order, such as (, which is different from horse riding order). The cover should generally be assembled separately, because it needs to be thickened, and the glue is generally assembled by thread

eleventh, if the background is black (very black), it may be printed twice, or other colors such as garland. White words should be increased

twelfth, when making boxes for the recovery of the international market, we must write the specifications. The specifications use the word No. 12, and the bottom cover must be written

thirteenth, when making boxes, life should be done next to the big noodles so that the products can be covered in the future

fourteenth, crosshair change: the upper, lower, left and right middle positions should be written with crosshairs, and the lines of the crosshairs can be thicker. The corner lines should be made around the finished products. The corner lines can be thicker for paper ordering and printing

fifthly, in PS color matching: the more you adjust, the worse the effect will be, and the more changes, the worse. It is best to use the least steps to achieve the goal

16th, if it's a supplement, or to save the film, be sure to remind the film company (the film out should be)

that it can fit), CAIDA reminds the size of the box, and Yilin reminds whether it's sent by Hercules or Ike (pay attention to the direction, and it's best to take the film there)

(II) key points for attention in freehand row:

first: use freehand to directly compose words, and the effect cannot be output by phototypesetting. And it will lead to mistakes in phototypesetting. Only freehand transparency, EPS diagram and TIF diagram can be produced, otherwise the transparency will be automatically removed

second: problems in work, freehand10 Reduce the cost by 20%; PBS key monomer biobutyric acid, 10, PS can not store transparent TIFF diagram

third: EPS is the best bitmap, otherwise the speed may be very slow

fourth: when there is a spot color and a picture in the file, when the picture is saved as dc2.0, select the best JPG quality in a single color conversion file, and there must be a spot color name on the channel When freehand11.0, photoshop7.0 stores transparent TIF and cannot produce film

fifth: when super connecting text, you should use cloning to turn the curve from the last one

(III) key points for attention in CorelDRAW row:

first: whether there is a gradient, and pay attention to whether the gradient direction may change when the mosaic turns around. And when making large-area gradients, we must pay attention to the softness of gradients. (including stereoscopic effect)

Second: whether there is transparent color in the picture, and the color may become very powerful (you can change the position of CMYK mode to view the effect). The best picture is CMYK mode, and you can remember the color management mode when it is RGB. It is optimized for professional output mode

third: it is better not to use projection in corelkraw, otherwise it must be converted to bitmap, because the result cannot be estimated. The projection phase

multiplication must be embossed

fourth: whether there is a barcode, and its color may be RGB

fifth: pay attention to the words in the frame, and often forget to change

sixth: note on the spot color version in CorelDRAW: such as projection effect, it may become a field projection

seventh: be sure to check the document information, check the pictures, words, colors, effects, etc

eighth: it is stipulated that special effects cannot appear in CorelDRAW. If they do, they cannot be obtained in the next process.

ninth: when version 12.0 is converted to 11.0, the transparent background may turn white (it may turn in the production company, and the film must be specially checked)

tenth: when the black one is not imprinted, make a piece of white at the bottom when Yilin produces the film, otherwise the film may be imprinted, and 2% of CMY three colors can be added to the film

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