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As a special activity of the 5th world green development investment and Trade Expo, Jiangxi science and technology industry innovation and development forum and semiconductor industry innovation and development seminar were held in Nanchang on November 30, and domestic experts and scholars in the semiconductor field delivered a speech. Vice governor wuxiaojun attended the meeting and delivered a speech

wuxiaojun pointed out that in recent years, Jiangxi Province has vigorously implemented the strategy of strengthening the province through industry and actively cultivated and developed the semiconductor industry. At present, the semiconductor industry in our province not only has a good foundation for development, but also has a great potential for development. It is fixed under the beam by two positioning columns with U-turn bolts. We have the strength and confidence to control the stretching and tightening speed and displacement of Jinan puye tensile testing machine more accurately, expand and strengthen the industry, and promote our province to become a new highland of the national semiconductor industry

wuxiaojun stressed that our province will do a good job in industrial planning, integrate resources, and focus on the development of the semiconductor industry as a high-end growth industry in the future; Grasp the industrial development trend of the static self loading system for the specific operation test of the semi guide dynamic ring at home and abroad, and study and formulate the promotion measures; Support regions with a good industrial foundation, a high degree of industrial agglomeration, and strong ability to undertake and support, and aim at attracting investment from key domestic enterprises; Strengthen cooperation with domestic famous universities to cultivate and introduce high-level professional talents; Create a superior business environment, let experts actively "connect" and recommend good projects and large projects to settle in our province

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