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A new blow molding and filling technology called liquiform has been born. This technology uses compressed consumable liquid instead of compressed air to make plastic containers

Liquiform group said that this technology integrates the bottle forming and filling process into one step, eliminating many manufacturing steps and greatly reducing costs and waste

liquifor has won the bid from Guangzhou xiupo, Dongfang Yuhong and other domestic excellent waterproof technology companies. M group is a commercial development team, representing discma3 and adopting electro-hydraulic servo control technology - a joint venture between Amcor and Sidel

"Sidel is committed to providing the most sustainable packaging solutions to the beverage industry. In this industry, we see the opportunity to develop new technologies, and we will do the same. Participating in the development of liquiform is a recent example," said mart tismann, President and CEO of Sidel Group, "Although it is still in the development stage, this technology can create important value for our customers in the future, such as saving energy and reducing costs."

liquiform president Ann O'Hara said: "Liquiform represents a major opportunity for the consumer goods industry, because it can change flexibility and improve efficiency in one step. Through cooperation with some authoritative equipment manufacturers, international processors and leading FMCG companies, we believe that the potential of this technology will be fully realized. For the future, we hope to obtain licenses and patents, and encourage partners and licensors to invest in future innovation and development And promote this technology. "

liquiform group has signed an agreement with Yoshino kogyosho to further develop this technology. Yoshino kogyosho is the largest plastic bottle manufacturer in Japan. At the same time, liquiform group also signed an agreement with Nestle water, the world's leading bottled water company, to acquire the intellectual property rights of this new technology

l according to a survey conducted by a relevant human resources station, iquiform group hopes that more equipment manufacturers and FMCG companies can purchase development tools and accelerate the development of their own products in the future

it is expected that liquiform technology will be fully commercialized in 2018

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