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In recent years, the development of China's digital economy has accelerated, various new industries, new business forms and new models have emerged, and emerging digital industries such as artificial intelligence, big data, blockchain, cloud computing and network security have developed competitively. Data show that the scale of China's digital economy will reach 39.2 trillion yuan in 2020, accounting for 38.6% of GDP

at the 2021 digital economy innovation and development forum held recently, participants exchanged views on how to promote digital industrialization and cultivate new development advantages

digital technology empowers economic development, social governance and a better life

the digital age is a new era after the industrial age and the information age. The deepening of data application will bring new industrial integration and business model innovation. Zhoukaibing, chairman of Hangzhou hi tech Investment Co., Ltd., believes that digital technology, as a general purpose technology, has penetrated into all aspects of economy and society, enabling economic development, social governance and a better life

in recent years, Hangzhou has complied with the development trend of digital economy and implanted digital genes. In 2020, the core industries of digital economy in Hangzhou achieved an added value of 429billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 13.3%. Behind the rising curve, digital economy has become a key word for Hangzhou's high-quality development. Zhoukaibing said

by the end of 2020, Zhejiang has a total length of 3.498 million kilometers of optical cable lines, a total of 62600 5g base stations, and a total of 439000 cloud enterprises. According to Wang Zhen, director of Huawei Zhejiang industrial strategy and policy department, the deployment and construction of connectivity + computing infrastructure has provided fertile soil for Zhejiang's digital industrialization

in recent years, Huawei has focused on the field of cloud and computing, providing diverse computing power for the end, edge and cloud, continuously innovating in data acquisition, storage and management, and building an open industrial ecosystem through open hardware, open software and enabling partners. Facing the intelligent world of Internet of everything, Huawei will make use of its own experience in digital transformation to provide technical and intellectual support for digital industrialization in the field of digital economy, such as industrial brain and future factory in Zhejiang Province (refer to Wang Jingwu's practical manual on technical methods and new formulas and new materials for timely liquidation of molds for plastic modification technology). Wang Zhen said

digital economy has provided a new path for economic and social development

digital economy has played an active role in the prevention and control of the COVID-19. Shopping, education and telemedicine have been comprehensively accelerated, providing a new path for economic and social development

from using big data to screen close contacts to providing technical support for Hangzhou health code; From the successful development of Xinguan epidemic prevention data intelligence platform to providing decision-making reference for resumption of work and production, Fang Yi, vice president of China Young Entrepreneurs Association, has a deeper understanding of the combination of data intelligence and public services

through the deep integration of data and technology, combined with years of accumulated industry experience, we will export data intelligence to all walks of life. Whether in the fields of earthquake early warning, emergency management, disaster prevention and mitigation, or in the field of big data anti epidemic, we will further concentrate on tackling key problems and create greater value for the industry and society. Fang Yi expressed

zhouchaonan, chairman of Runze Technology Development Co., Ltd., pointed out that under the background of normalization of epidemic prevention and control, the accelerated development of digital economy has shown people its huge power. In particular, the in-depth promotion of the new infrastructure will further lay the foundation, build the environment and provide support for the digital economy

the construction of new infrastructure, especially information infrastructure, such as 5g and big data center, will enable digital technology in agricultural production, industrial production, circulation trade and other fields, form digital intelligence and optimize resource allocation, which will effectively improve quality and efficiency and lead industrial reform. The deep interconnection of people, machines and things, and the comprehensive linkage of all factors, all industry chains and all value chains will give birth to more new application scenarios of digital technology. Zhouchaonan said

the continuous progress of digital technology is inseparable from the professional innovation talents.

the continuous progress of digital technology and the digital transformation of the real economy are inseparable from the professional innovation talents who master digital technology and can scientifically analyze and process data

in terms of strengthening the training of digital talents, Chen Guo, deputy director of the national network security talent and innovation base construction office, 5, director of strict control of work pressure, believes that we should firmly grasp the key of talents, establish and improve mechanisms for talent discovery, training and incentive, give play to the role of different types of talents, and explore a way of deep integration and mutual promotion of talent training, technological innovation and industrial development

according to Chen Guo, Dongxihu District of Wuhan has the only national network security talent and innovation base in China. In recent years, the district has promoted the development of industrial agglomeration with the training of network safety talents, attracted nearly 200 enterprises to settle down, and a good development trend of integration of industry and education has basically taken shape. We will gather high-quality educational resources, try to cultivate high-quality network safety talents, and explore the teaching mode of cultivating high-quality network safety talents. Chen Guo said

chenchouyong, President of Zhejiang Institute of information technology development, said that as a new production factor, data should be further integrated with other production factors such as talents to further release the value of data elements. When this concept was just put forward, to cultivate scientific and technological talents, especially those in digital economy, we should adhere to market orientation and build a practical talent team. The construction of disciplines and majors in Colleges and universities can provide students with opportunities to exercise in the front line of industry through industrial park cooperation and other forms

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