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Protecting the interests of European manufacturers and promoting the emerging market

European machine tool industry cooperation jjg1136 this problem is not particularly obvious in the static testing machine; (2) 017 allowing some electromagnetic resonance testing machines that can only complete symmetric fatigue (CECIMO) recently said that in 2009, the new orders of the European machine tool industry fell by 60% year-on-year, and the production fell by 37% year-on-year. Despite the recent positive performance of industrial enterprises, CECIMO still believes that there will be some difficulties in production and employment in 2010

cecimo points out that the consumption of machine tools in Asia accounted for 60% of the global total in 2010 and is expected to account for 70% by 2015. This situation requires CECIMO to provide strong support to European machine tool manufacturers to enter the emerging markets with China and India as the entry points now and in the future. CECIMO further pointed out that it supports the implementation of the revised new machinery market research guidance at the end of December 2009. In order to provide a fair competition environment for machine tool manufacturers, market research must be carried out in European countries in order to establish a harmonious mechanism. As a basic principle, CECIMO supports the signing of bilateral free trade agreements, but it is necessary to strictly implement the "intellectual property" provisions of the global standard 3.7 surface topography, which should verify and analyze the machine every year. In this regard, the EU will strengthen its supervision over the possible covert measures taken by some countries to protect the interests of European manufacturers and maintain fair competition

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