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Rebuilding "Titanic": China will develop the cruise ship manufacturing industry

rebuilding "Titanic": China will develop the cruise ship manufacturing industry

information on China's construction machinery

Guide: with the recent news that Changge Mingming company, the builder of this cruise ship Jinling shipyard, is fully prepared for the construction of Titanic 2, the industry's support and questioning voices hit at the same time. In fact, the plan to rebuild the Titanic had been brewing as early as last April to commemorate Tai

with the news that Changge Mingmin, the builder of this cruise ship, has made full preparations for the construction of "Titanic 2", the voices of support and doubt in the industry hit at the same time

in fact, the plan to rebuild the Titanic had been brewing as early as last April. In order to commemorate the centennial of the "Titanic", Australian mining tycoon clifpalmer announced that he would invest in the reconstruction of the famous cruise ship and signed a memorandum of understanding with Jinling shipyard, which is expected to achieve its maiden voyage in 2016. After 10 months, Ge Biao said that the shipyard has set up a special team, improved a number of software and hardware facilities, and is confident to build this world-renowned cruise ship

why choose Chinese shipyards? "Cost is the primary consideration." Some experts said. "Titanic" is the synonym of the world's largest luxury cruise ship. Today, with soaring prices, the construction cost of the cruise ship will exceed 1billion US dollars. Obviously, under the current downturn in the industry, this cost will put great pressure on the ship owners. "However, compared with other shipyards whose constituent industries cooperate deeply with automobile lightweight steel processing enterprises, the construction cost in China is lower.". Moreover, at present, China's shipbuilding industry is becoming stronger and stronger, and its world status has become an important factor to attract shipowners. Since the mid-1990s, China's shipbuilding industry has been ranked among the top three in the world

in fact, shipbuilding in China is also an important breakthrough for foreign countries to seize China's cruise market, which will lead to the closure of small and medium-sized battery factories. With the improvement of Chinese consumption level, luxury cruise lines have huge market potential in China, "shipbuilding in China is the best way to attract tourists". A cruise industry source said

it is worth noting the industrial significance of China's undertaking to build Titanic this time. Hao, manager of huaran investment consulting project department, believes that creating good conditions and service guarantees for experts to work on a single project is not enough to have a major industry impact. In contrast, it has greater symbolic significance, "the construction of the Titanic may become a watershed for Chinese enterprises to enter the Haohua cruise market"

with regard to the above views, xiejiachen, a researcher in the machinery industry of CIC consulting, said that if the construction is successful, "on the one hand, the production process and manufacturing level of domestic shipbuilding enterprises have been recognized by the world, which has virtually enhanced the international popularity of relevant enterprises, and is expected to achieve" double harvest "of economic benefits and popularity. Especially in the downturn of the entire shipbuilding industry, the positive impact of this order is self-evident"

in the long run, building "Titanic" will be a good opportunity for Chinese shipyards to enter the international cruise market, and "with the continuous development of domestic yachts and cruise ships, it is expected to become the next profit growth point in the industry". Zhangguangqin, President of China Shipbuilding Industry Association, said

however, due to the existence of bottlenecks in shipbuilding technology, technology, ship culture and management, China has been cautious in building cruise ships. Up to now, cruise ships made in China have not yet come out. In June of last year, Xiamen Shipbuilding Industry Co., Ltd. received an order for the construction of China's first 100000 tonnage luxury cruise ship, with a total investment of about 3.1 billion yuan. It is expected to officially launch in October 2018

the industry is worried that China's current shipbuilding technology is difficult to support the construction of this huge ship. Due to the special historical identity of "Titanic", tanwenjian, director of Bluestar shipping Asia, the ship owner, said that "safety is the most important consideration" in the construction of this cruise. The new "Titanic" will show the original classical style as much as possible, and the core will adopt the most advanced navigation and safety system. In this regard, Ge Biao said that it is indeed difficult to rebuild "Titanic", but the shipyard has more than 60 years of experience in building different types of high-quality ships, and has a number of excellent domestic and foreign partners. The company is confident in building Titanic 2. Another expert said that during the construction process, some technologies should still be completed with the cooperation of foreign parties

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