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Reshaping strategic thinking ability

this strategic thinking ability seems to rely more on an intuition, judgment generated from a special state of thinking consciousness, and creativity inspired by the consciousness of success and strong "win". However, after careful analysis, it seems that there is still a lot of analysis on the interaction of many key elements (such as companies, customers and competitors) behind this feeling. Perhaps when we communicate with these natural strategists, they do not have or can systematically share with you the various analysis and logic behind their generation/formation of these strategic initiatives, but it is certain that, No matter what kind of business strategy, there must be corresponding assumptions and logic behind it. If an entrepreneur wants to become a real strategist, he needs to develop insight and innovation based on clear analysis. This is the real strategic thinking ability

under China's traditional education system, it is more to encourage "inheritance" than "innovation", so the ability to innovate is an extremely scarce ability - the more people receive education, the weaker their ability to innovate. What Chinese entrepreneurs need most is the strategist's awareness and creative thinking. Today, we see that many Chinese enterprises' strategic innovation mainly stays in imitating and copying foreign models, which is also an innovation. There is also the acquisition of exclusive resources through various means and relationships, or the establishment of a disguised monopoly or protected market - many people also call these means strategy, or these entrepreneurs are strategic experts. However, the key problem is that what Chinese enterprises need more is sustainable development (breaking the strange circle that the experimental machine of our private products can fully meet your needs, and the average life of the enterprise is only sevenoreight years) and adjusting the business strategy to maintain a sustainable competitive advantage. Therefore, only relying on short-term protection and relationship can not bring sustainable strategic victory. At best, this practice can only be regarded as a short-term tactic. Therefore, entrepreneurs must abandon the way of looking for projects aimlessly all day long, seriously spend time thinking about the company's business strategy, establish a management system and shape the enterprise spirit

in fact, the difficulties faced by many private enterprises in China at present are related to the strategic stagnation of organizations. However, many private entrepreneurs at present often think that their own enterprise strategy is not a problem or that talking about strategy is an extremely illusory concept. There is no need to study it carefully. Just go by feeling... "I think, An excellent entrepreneur should first be a real strategist: he should have full creativity and insight to explore those bold and innovative strategic assumptions. At the same time, he should have rational thinking, analyze, test and evaluate the strategic assumptions, and provide necessary support for the organization in the process of implementing and implementing the strategy. This comprehensive strategic thinking ability can be improved through step-by-step training. In his book "think like a strategist", the master of strategy, Kenichi Ohama, put forward a very practical and operable method of training strategic thinking mode

in addition, entrepreneurs can maximize the use of "external brain" - professional management consultants to help them sort out their strategic ideas. Here, I especially emphasize that it is assistance rather than formulation, because I believe that only entrepreneurs can truly create successful business strategies, which is related to their strong "mission". The formulation of a successful strategy must require the ultimate executor of the strategy, that is, the entrepreneurs themselves have a strong "feeling" about the strategy, which can stimulate their strong impulse to win. Therefore, the formation of strategy is an entrepreneur from the beginning. Based on the full understanding of the company itself, the keen intuition of customers/markets and the in-depth understanding of competitors, many strategic assumptions or assumptions are formed. Then, the assumptions are structurally analyzed, verified and evaluated by external consultants. Through countless challenges and debates with consultants, clear strategic ideas are finally formed. I remember a client's boss described the role of consultants in this process: "I found that in the end, we came up with all the solutions ourselves, but without consultants, it seems that we can't produce such clear ideas..." therefore, often it depends on what we want to use. The value of consultants does not necessarily mean to tell you a lot of new things that you don't know, But through their professional ability to analyze problems and "think and talk together" in parallel with you, they can help you clarify your ideas or further confirm/improve your ideas. The effectiveness and creativity of strategic thinking can be stimulated to the greatest extent through the effective combination of the creativity and industry insight of entrepreneurs/senior executives and the professional analysis and logical thinking ability of consultants

in addition, from the perspective of professional consultants, I think that an excellent strategic consultant must also develop some non structural thinking skills, a comprehensive and abstract thinking ability that is not based on rational thinking, while constantly training his ability to analyze and solve problems. This insight and insight into welding technology, casting/casting technology, material mixing (die casting products)/bonding technology, others; To become the first largest material force or even possible, consultants need more, more comprehensive and comprehensive knowledge and skills. At the same time, continuous communication with entrepreneurs with this advantage can also help improve their thinking ability in this regard. (end)

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