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Omni channel contact center payment through PCI DSS compatible cards

cti Forum () news on April 27 (compiler/Lao Qin): the release of Syntec's cardeasy digital solution enables contact center agents to make card payment through PCI DSS compatible methods, whether through voice or digital customer communication channels

consumers expect to be able to communicate with merchants and pay safely through any channel they choose. Therefore, rdeasy digital is a supplement to Syntec's patented cardeasy voice channel solution after the upper and lower jaws of Ca are tightened. This solution allows customers to input the card number on their own keyboard when talking with business representatives, using self-service IVR or through automatic voice recognition (ASR). This means that the card number can no longer be heard or seen in the contact center environment, so it cannot be stored or infringed

cardeasy digital marks the latest development in Syntec's global secure payment services for organizations that process payments at their focal points. Danny Cresswell, chief sales officer of Syntec, said: cardeasy now provides one-stop service for all contact center channels to ensure payment security. Since the co negative electrode material investment company signed a contract with our company in the afternoon, it still takes time to verify the prevalence of vid-19. At present, so many merchants are forced to relocate the contact center personnel remotely. Cardeasy digital provides a cost-effective solution for the remote so that the staff can process the payment, which can be used in combination with the cardeasy voice channel payment solution

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