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In the eyes of modern people who pay attention to the pursuit of enjoying life, doors and windows should also be high-grade light luxury! In order to meet this demand, Wangmei doors and windows has launched a series of high-end light luxury products

the main function of windows is to isolate from the outside world and maintain the privacy of the interior. At the same time, they are also indispensable decorations for home decoration. It is mainly made of wood, aluminum, glass, hardware, rubber strips, handles, etc; It can also bring a pleasing sense of change to the modern and concise space

in the eyes of modern people who pay attention to the pursuit of enjoying life, doors and windows should also be high-grade and light luxury

the wood has clear texture, the water-based paint highlights the tactile details, and the color and exquisite texture show visual vivid ups and downs, creating an extremely warm atmosphere for the space

the right angle edge seems simple, but it takes a lot of effort to create enough "simplicity" and "practicality". Every detail design is accurately calculated with an error close to 0, so that the right angle becomes fashionable and versatile

elegant and smooth curves show pure posture and form different arrangements. It is made by tenoning with exquisite technology, and various combinations instantly improve the temperament of the whole home

the handle is smooth and smooth, polished, with a delicate and smooth feel, smooth opening and closing, beautiful without losing its connotation. It naturally gives people a gentle and noble sense of substitution, showing an elegant and extraordinary style

Wangmei doors and windows select high-quality aluminum materials, which integrates health and environmental protection. They are exquisite, neat and three-dimensional, and lasting

the construction of proportion, the purity of material, the rationality of color, peace and self-control, make the vision achieve a perfect balance, elegant, soothing, low-key, modern, relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, which inevitably makes people warm

the system5 production equipment of Wangmei doors and windows can integrate many processing links, such as milling, tenoning, hardware punching, connection and positioning punching, into one production line at one time, and has humanized customization technology, which can realize the free transformation of size and profile, and can also realize the mass production of 4mm hardware windows

2 bottom and two sides process, the water-based paint is evenly and delicately sprayed on the wood with the reciprocating electrostatic spraying process, so that the surface is more flat and smooth, at the same time, it is environment-friendly and tasteless, and does not affect human health

in the production process, there are multiple processes, which are closely linked. All processes of Wangmei doors and windows are processed by machine software, which is accurate, neat, firm and flat, and escorts the product quality; System5 has a production capacity of 500000 square meters, far exceeding the production scale of traditional door and window equipment; The glass uses energy-saving glass processed from the national famous brand "Longbo" glass, which is also a brand of the group. The mute, heat insulation and energy-saving index have been tested and guaranteed by the market for many years; The finished products are carefully packed with foot protection, air cushion film, cardboard, etc., effectively avoiding bumps and dust during transportation

Wangmei doors and windows are not only producers, sellers and installers, but also stand in the perspective of home aesthetics, comprehensively and deeply meet the needs of users, and create more possibilities for light luxury life




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