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The difference between hand-painted wall and other wall decoration methods

1. Ordinary wallpaper is cheaper than hand-painted, suitable for large-area use, but it has pungent smell and poor performance in prolonging the year

2. High grade wallpaper is of good quality and does not fade. It is environmentally friendly, but the pattern of group decoration is single, rigid and expensive. For every 2-3 square meters, the minimum price is more than 1000 yuan

3. There is also a so-called DIY Wall Sticker on the market. The price is the same as that of hand-painted wall paintings. The patterns are simple flowers and plants, and the material is ordinary and timely pasted. It is not easy to operate (wrinkles will appear when pasted on the wall), and it has a very cheap feeling

4. Hand painting adopts waterproof paint, which is non-toxic, tasteless, and does not fade. It is fully integrated into the wall. Professional painters and designers of color and hand painting design patterns and draw by hand according to the decorative style of the room and the owner's preferences. Its coordination, artistry and appreciation are unparalleled

5. Paint with environmentally friendly pigments, water-based, environmentally friendly. It has many characteristics superior to other pigments: after drying, it is a flexible film, solid and wear-resistant, water-resistant, corrosion-resistant, anti natural aging, non fading, non deterioration and falling off, non reflective painting, easy to wash after painting, suitable for easel painting, indoor and outdoor murals, etc. It can be stacked repeatedly layer by layer to draw a thick feeling; Powder and an appropriate amount of water can also be added, and the painting method similar to gouache can be used to cover and overlap, so that the picture level is rich and clear; If a large amount of water is added to the pigment, the effect of watercolor and fine brushwork can be produced. The effect is pure and transparent by drying layer by layer, pushing halo and transparent stacking

6. Generally, you can draw after the decoration is completed, or after living or decoration. It's very cheap to make a TV wall by hand drawing the background wall for 200~1000 yuan

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