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Novier home is located in Yichun, the "happiest city in China". The Yichun clothes store of novier home is located in Wenti Road, Yichun City, covering an area of more than 300 square meters. It officially signed a contract with novier home on April 25th, 2013

Yichun is a central city in western Jiangxi, a livable city in China, an excellent tourist city in China, a national greening model city, China's top ten leisure cities and China's happiest city. Yichun city is located in the northwest of Jiangxi Province. It has been established as a county since the Han Dynasty. So far, it has a history of more than 2200 years. The territory is dominated by hills and mountains. The climate is mild, the rainfall is abundant, and the four seasons are distinct. It is known as "beautiful mountains and rivers, fertile soil and sweet springs, its gas is like spring, and it is salty and suitable at four seasons". Yichun has a rich cultural accumulation, and has always been "a beautiful place in the south of the Yangtze River and a prosperous country of cultural relics". In the preface to the Tengwang Pavilion by Wang Bo, a literary giant of the Tang Dynasty, the words "colorful things, heaven's treasures" and "outstanding people and earth's spirits" all come from Yichun. When Han Yu served as an assassin in Yichun, he once wrote a poem praising Yichun, saying, "don't let Yichun be far away, and more rivers and mountains are better than travel"

Yichun is rich in natural resources. The forest coverage rate of the whole city is 52.78%, which is a key forest area in Jiangxi and a national key Phyllostachys pubescens production area. 600000 kW of water resources have been proved, and 380000 kW can be developed. There are 41 kinds of proven minerals, of which tantalum and niobium are known as one of the "five golden flowers" in Jiangxi. Yichun Tantalum and niobium mine is the largest tantalum, niobium and lithium raw material production base in China; Wollastonite reserves account for about 1/4 of the country, and the reserves of raw coal, rock salt and limestone are listed in Jiangxi

Yichun has a superior ecological environment. It is one of the first batch of ecological pilot cities in China. All seven major rivers in the territory have reached the drinking water standard, and the air quality of 10 counties and urban areas has reached the national standard. There are 486 historical and cultural sites, 54 famous mountain scenic spots, well-known scenic spots, including the "Hongzhou kiln", one of the six famous kilns in the Tang Dynasty under state protection, and the site of Wucheng in the Shang Dynasty, as well as Yuanzhou qiaolou, the earliest existing local astronomical observatory in the world, the place where gexuan in the Eastern Han Dynasty collected medicine and refined pills, and Gezao mountain, one of the famous mountains in the three main roads of Jiangnan. Yichun also has 1 National Nature Reserve, 1 national scenic spot, 4 national forest parks, 4 provincial forest parks, 2 provincial nature reserves and 4 provincial scenic spots. Sanjiaolun National Forest Park is known as "fairyland on earth"; Mingyue Mountain National scenic spot is "not Mount Huangshan, better than Mount Huangshan", and grows the only rare tree species in the world, Manglietia chinensis; The hot spring in Wentang Town, the suburb of Yichun center, is rich in selenium and other minerals, and the perennial water temperature is above 72 ℃. It is a resort for recuperation and vacation

Yichun was called "agricultural county" in ancient times. At present, Yichun is an important production base of commodity grain, Camellia oleifera and high-quality ramie in China. With 11% of the cultivated land and 12% of the population in the province, Yichun produces about 1/6 of the province's grain, cotton, oil, pigs and aquatic products, and plays an important role in Jiangxi Province. Yichun's industrial economy has developed by leaps and bounds, forming an industrial system consisting of five pillars of medicine, food, building materials, electromechanical and energy, as well as chemical and textile industries. Yichun has convenient transportation. The Beijing Kowloon railway runs north and south, and the Zhejiang Jiangxi double track lies east and West; The highway network with Gan Yue, Hu Rui, Da Guang expressways and national highways 320 and 105 as the main skeleton has basically formed; Yuan River and Jin River run directly into Ganjiang River, with a waterway voyage of more than 1000 kilometers. Yichun's central urban infrastructure is improving day by day, and the city's appearance is changing with each passing day. Yichun has won the titles of national greening model city, National Garden City, first-class management level city of urban road traffic "unimpeded project", China's excellent tourist city and national health city. At present, according to the development plan of a medium-sized city with an area of 72 square kilometers and a population of 500000, the framework for the construction of an economic center city in western Jiangxi is being opened, Actively build the best livable city in the central region

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