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Housing decoration budget is the work that every owner must do before decoration. Although the bathroom is only a small part of the home, its decoration must also be well budgeted, which is more convenient for later construction and other operations. So, how much does the bathroom decoration cost? How about the effect? Let's make a good budget

in our eyes, although the bathroom is only a small space, its decoration, from material costs, labor costs to sanitary ware costs, is a lot of expenses. In order to make your decoration smooth in the future, we must make a good plan for each step. Let's see how to grasp the toilet budget with Xiaobian

toilet decoration price and budget cost

from the perspective of construction, the decoration of the toilet is mainly caused by the demolition and renovation costs, wall and floor tile laying, ceiling, sanitary ware purchase, cleaning treatment and other costs. If your bathroom is less than 5 square meters, the cost is about 3000 yuan. Of course, this is only medium decoration

if the bathroom is calculated according to the space and home layout, it is divided into large bathroom bathtubs, shower rooms, toilets, wash benches, etc. If you want to calculate according to such hardcover, the cost is naturally much higher, but the effect of layout is also more complementary

if the bathroom at home needs to be demolished and modified, it will bear part of the cost of demolition and modification. According to today's labor cost, material transportation cost, clearing and transportation, if calculated together, the approximate cost is 2000 yuan

considering the paving of floor tiles in the bathroom, of course, it also depends on what brand you choose. According to the ordinary brand, the wall tiles will be used for about 100 yuan/square meter. The paving of wall tiles depends on the area of the bathroom, which is about 2000 yuan. But in a word, after all the projects in the bathroom are completed, the price of ordinary devices is about 20000 yuan

conclusion: if families with sufficient funds can use more advanced decorative materials during decoration, the price of bathroom decoration will be tens of thousands. The above is the price reference of bathroom decoration brought by Xiaobian. Hope to help you! For more information, please follow the information




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