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Obama's favorite Nordic style "Kennedy chair" used when meeting foreign guests comes from the armchair of the Ming Dynasty in China; Japanese karimoku60 and Muji furniture have absorbed a lot of the essence of Chinese home art... Chinese home art is so beautiful that the world can imitate it, but it can't blossom everywhere in the mainland. Why does the best new Chinese design come from others

Obama's favorite Nordic style when meeting foreign guests “ Kennedy chair ” The armchair originated from Ming Dynasty; Japanese karimoku60 and Muji furniture have absorbed a lot of the essence of Chinese home art &hellip& hellip; China's home art is so beautiful that the world can follow, but it can't blossom everywhere in China. Why does the best new Chinese design come from others

speaking of “ Kennedy chair ” The first appearance with the president was in the first television debate of the 1960 U.S. presidential election. The chair used by Kennedy and Nixon was also introduced to the world. In front of millions of Americans, Nixon's old age and kendini's energetic look form a sharp contrast, and simple and fashionable “ Kennedy chair ” Kennedy's exuberance is even more evident. Thousands of Americans finally sent kendini to the presidency. Similarly, Obama also likes to use “ when meeting foreign guests in public; Kennedy chair &rdquo

“ Kennedy chair ” Hans ·, author of and world-class design master; Wagner wrote a lot all his life, but “ Kennedy chair ” It is a classic work that he can't help mentioning in the history of design. Chinese Ming style furniture is simple and natural (simple), which is very angry with modernist designers. Representative works of Nordic furniture designers &mdash& mdash; Wagner's “ Kennedy ”, It evolved from Ming style armchair. This set of chairs is now popular all over the world, and Chinese restaurants are also everywhere. You may not know the armchair of the Ming Dynasty, but you should have sat in Wagner's series of chairs

not only do designers draw inspiration from traditional Chinese furniture, but also Japan, which is close to us, draws inspiration from traditional Chinese furniture in China, and combines Japanese local culture to make the new Chinese furniture more in line with the design, create a new Chinese style that is more in line with the modern sense, and even evolve into a new faction &mdash& mdash; Japanese furniture

for example, Japan's karimoku60 and Muji furniture, we can see that the design concept and essence of Chinese furniture are among them, and combined with the simple and fashionable Nordic furniture design style, a few pieces of furniture show a reassuring artistic conception. It is the taste of home not to be clever, but to be plain


why is the best new Chinese design made by others

embarrassment of new Chinese furniture in China:

Japanese, Korean and Southeast Asian Chinese furniture has been well inherited and innovated. Their new Chinese style is unrestrained and unconventional. As simple as a line or a simple outline, it can well express the temporary scene of China's first dynasty, which is worth thinking about

Xiaobian is also confused that Chinese furniture born in China and good at China and the best design of new Chinese style are made by foreign masters? From Japan, South Korea and Southeast Asia carpenters

in the hands of new Chinese furniture designers in China, these so-called “ New Chinese style ” Furniture, some lack intimacy and affinity. The starting point is to show the level of designers, to show how many skills and crafts the new Chinese furniture has, and how many meaningful carvings, in order to make you feel “ Beauty ”, But they forget that furniture is for people. Many new Chinese furniture enterprises and designers are constantly struggling with how to simplify and add complex carvings to the furniture, but these furniture are beautiful on the surface and difficult to last. They are not sincere enough

good furniture should be simple, simple and ordinary. The more daily necessities, the more ordinary they should be, as simple as sunshine, air and water. Household goods, furniture, clothes, and really beautiful things are not those with gorgeous appearance, but those that make your heart feel warm and safe. It's those things that integrate into daily life and exist naturally, things that you can't give up all the time, and things you never want to give up

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