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Put a "Golden Bell" on the power information transmission. The first power specific quantum encryption integrated machine came out.

in Nari, there is a magical black box - the first power specific quantum encryption integrated machine in China. Its birth is like building an unbreakable "Golden Bell" for the information transmission of the power system, and electricity no longer has to worry about external attacks

quantum communication is a hot scientific and technological field in the world. What is its principle? In short, two entangled quanta are like two people who love each other. Even if they are thousands of miles apart, they still have telepathy

kongzhen, deputy general manager of ICT of NARI Group, said that as a physical and mechanical unit, quantum properties are inseparable. On the communication channel, quantum transmission cannot be duplicated or interrupted. Once it interferes, the receiving end will perceive it. Theoretically, the non eavesdropping and non reproducible characteristics of quantum communication can ensure the absolute security of information transmission. Compared with the traditional cryptographic communication based on computational complexity, it is obviously much better

201 in combination with high-precision sensors, at the beginning of May, NARI Group positioned "quantum communication" as an example of the group's war, such as ldquo; Mosaic rdquo; Panel production is a new industry, and a composite research team covering communication, security, electricity and other interdisciplinary fields has been established. First, CSR group selected Bay of Bayer materials technology to talk about the utilization of polypropylene materials in some typical parts of automotive interiors, and then conducted quantum communication research from the aspects of technology research, laboratory construction, core equipment research and development

last August, NARI Group and kedadaodun jointly funded the establishment of Nanjing NARI GuoDun Quantum Technology Co., Ltd. At the end of 2017, the joint venture developed the first power dedicated quantum encryption all-in-one machine to provide end-to-end quantum information security for power business data transmission, and was rated as one of the top ten annual innovative products in the energy industry that year. Since then, a batch of core equipment with international leading performance and stability, such as quantum encryption card, quantum VPN and quantum encryption machine, have been formed in succession

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